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Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Participation in Forum on February 2, 2016
Very informative article specially for those farmers and doctorz who are working in control floor farming either layer or broiler.. As my senior commnet that we can treat it with charcoal,i want to add one thing that BAMBOO CHARCOAL i has more absorbing capability as i studied but still not apply at any farm.. Good article according to present farming... Thanxx..
Participation in Forum on December 14, 2015
Can u send picz.....?
Participation in Forum on September 19, 2015
one question from my side ......... any respiratory signs like difficult breath ,mucus in trachea ,nasal discharge in this flock.......?
Participation in Forum on June 13, 2015
Treat it with Flunmiquene. ADEK . use mycofix 150grm per bag of feed it will give good result to you. and kindly clear pic and other organ pic upload
Participation in Forum on March 1, 2015
Entritis also occure in colustredial infection....and Lincomycin + colietien give good result.in this case.... !st you have to differntiate either it is salmonella or colstridial infection.
Participation in Forum on February 4, 2014
its a gd effort......infomative.....good
Participation in Forum on April 18, 2013
Tell me the mechanism of regression of POF....Thnx
Participation in Forum on April 18, 2013
Is there any Hormonal role in bird in laying Double yolk egg ?
Participation in Forum on April 17, 2013
Sir kindly give ans to this question... Why is there more double yolk eggs in early production stage???......plz elaborate it in such  way so I could understand easily..........thnx.
Participation in Forum on April 14, 2013
To cure Vent pecking problem.. Salts in feed should be in correct quantity.... Red (cloth pieces, plastic pieces, etc) or any shining objects should be used to divet the bird's attention....
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