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Farook Kahloon
Poultry Technical Support,
Participation in Forum on February 3, 2017
Good bro.
Farook Kahloon likes this technical article:
Although the magnitude of economic value is usually much less in small standard-bred poultry operations compared to multimillion-dollar commercial chicken or turkey companies, there are still many reasons to protect your investment. Value is not always measured in simple dollar terms.As exhibition poultry producers, you have put much time and effort into your enterprise. Coops and pens have been b ...
Participation in Forum on February 1, 2017
Simple but informative.
Farook Kahloon likes this technical article:
Each year many people enjoy ordering chicks from a hatchery or purchasing young chicks from a feed store. These chicks are raised primarily for home laying flocks. Some of these chickens are raised for the family table, while others are kept mainly as pets. Whatever purpose the adult chickens serve, special care must be given to young chicks in order for them to survive and grow into healthy adult ...
Participation in Forum on July 11, 2016
Dr A.D Anjum raised very sensible and technical questions. One question is in my mind. What is standard water consumption of bore well water? Which we follow. Otherwise we go for water treatment with sanitize rs every time for flock rearing. Anyone please guide me for this question
Participation in Forum on April 18, 2016
Wonderful explanation about fowl cholera. I have seen this disease on a farm. Good work man keep it up
Participation in Forum on September 16, 2015
Informative. Please specify the discussion. Anyway happy to join you
Participation in Forum on July 20, 2014
A.O.A, Your elaboration with Photos is inspiring, Its much informative for learners like me who wants to upgrade his knowledge.Keep posting such information..
Participation in Forum on July 16, 2014
Dear , Its an informative article but i did get any idea about the influenza.How i get rid from this one.If you add some material about treatment and other managerial skills as you mention in your article.Its gona be more informative for learners like me. Thank you....
Participation in Forum on January 27, 2014
Dear Veterinarians, Whole discussion on IBD is captivating.Especially Dr Yannick Gardin keep it up with such type of elaboration.
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