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PhD, post doc
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Murray R. Bakst Thanks. One of my PhD student has worked on economic evaluation and hope I will share that soon after get published.I am working on the same project for looking the feasibility of shifting broiler breeder in cages to reduce health problems, feed cost and augment farmer's income through bio gas production and organic manure for orchards. AI will be the only option for fertility in t ...
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Murray R. Bakst Thanks sir for this generous offer. Would you please send me a copy on
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How long turkey and chicken semen can be stored ...and how many times can be diluted?
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Artificial insemination (AI), the foundation of modern-day turkey breeding, was first developed in 1937 at the Bureau of Animal Industry (now the Agricultural Research Service, US Department of Agriculture) by W. Burrows and J. Quinn. The procedure consists of two steps: first, the semen is collected from the tom and second, the semen is inseminated into the hen. What may transpire between collect ...
Article published the March 26, 2018
Introduction Water is one of the most important and essential nutrients in poultry production. Requirement of water is about two times greater than feed under optimum environmental conditions. Onset of mortality is possible if birds remain deprived of water even for a short period of time compared to feed deprivation (Watkins & Tabler 2009). Water acts as a solvent in various biological proc ...
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Article published the May 12, 2017
  Introduction Plants derivatives are a source of natural additives such as herbs and their extracts can be valuable alternatives as they play a significant role in health and nutrition. They have many fold significant activities such as stimulation of feed intake and endogenous secretions with antimicrobial, coccidiostatic or anthelmintic activities. Plants contain a wide range of secondar ...
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News published on June 12, 2014
A special meeting of the management committee of the Livestock Business Facilitation (LBF) Desk of the Dairy Science Park was held at Peshawar on Monday to review legal barriers in development and sustainability of dairy and livestock farming in the KP province. Meeting was chaired by the Arif Yousaf, Special Assistant of Law to KP Chief Minister. The meeting was attended by Professor M Subhan Qu ...
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Article published the November 29, 2013
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Article published the November 29, 2013
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Article published the May 22, 2012
INTRODUCTION Pregnancy is a dynamic state associated with complex sequence of physiological phenomena in dairy cattle. Monitoring of the information on the physiological status during pregnancy is, therefore, essential for improving the well being in dairy cattle management (Kindahl et al. 2002). It has been reported that the physiological parameters during pregnancy can be monitored using a var ...
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