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Murray R. Bakst Thank you sir for sharing such a good manual with all of us. Mukhtar Ahmad
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Murray R. Bakst I have gone through some of your research articles regarding AI in poultry. You have done very interesting work on it. Thank you for sharing knowledge regarding it. You may reach me by
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Artificial insemination (AI), the foundation of modern-day turkey breeding, was first developed in 1937 at the Bureau of Animal Industry (now the Agricultural Research Service, US Department of Agriculture) by W. Burrows and J. Quinn. The procedure consists of two steps: first, the semen is collected from the tom and second, the semen is inseminated into the hen. What may transpire between collect ...
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Is it economical fr chicken
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Murray R. Bakst Thank you for your valuable time and information. What are the fertility and hatchability results if we will follow the procedure in chicken.
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Ideally, semen storage of cockrals will reduce the ability to fertilize germinal disc even if dilution or extender is used to store semen in a refrigerator. For best results use fresh semen mixed with 30% extender immediately and inject within 7-10 minutes of collection in summer and 10 to 15 minutes of collection in winter.
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How long turkey and chicken semen can be stored ...and how many times can be diluted?
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The uterine prolapse is one of the problems facing egg-producing poultry growers, whether it is eggs for hatchery or for human consumption. In the normal situation and when laying eggs, part of the oviduct is taken out for a few moments and then return to the normal state. However, sometimes after ovulation, a reversal of that part, especially the last part of the uterus and vagina, can not retur ...
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