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For me, the particle size of raw materials is very important when producing pellets. Also, the pellet size is very important. So, I propose as follows. 1. The blending ratio must also be good. 2, the combination should also be good. (My suggestion is that the CV should be less than 4.) 3. The particle size should be less than 700 microns for all raw materials. For Grinding, a 2.4 mm screen for ...
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Dear Afrouziyeh,Feed ingredient price is hiking in such a way that formulation of poultry feed is difficult. Because sales price does not match production one. If any suggestion in practical standpoint based on Corn -Soy based feed.
Participation in Forum on December 31, 2020
I would like to know about efficacy of feed flavoring for fish .
Participation in Forum on July 14, 2020
Mercedes Vazquez-Anon Have a nice day ! Can you tell me the name of trypsin inhibitors which are available in soybean?Stay healthy.
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Peter Chrystal (Baiada) gave a presentation on different tests, models and tools to better analyze feed formulation and poultry nutrition, during the Latin American Poultry Congress in Lima, Peru.
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Alain Riggi Thanks a lot for your nice information. Be good.
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Dear Sir Thanks for your nice presentation. I'd like to know % of Beta-Glucan and MOS. Be good. Shah Alam Bangladesh
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Dear SirHave a nice day! Are there any survey report for mycotoxins in Bangladesh to you?If it is available to you, can you share with me? Be good.Best regardsShah AlamSales ManagerCentury Agro Ltdshahalam_century@yahoo.comBangladesh
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IntroductionThe issue of antibiotics-resistance on animals has raised the concerns of meat safety and human health. The banning of antibiotics- growth promoter in animal feed was announced in EU in 2006. Other countries are starting to follow the regulation to comply with the compulsory withdrawal periods to ensure ‘antibiotics-free’ products. During the ‘antibiotics withdrawal p ...
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Linwood Hoffman and Tom Capehart (USDA Economic Research Service) gave a presentation on the co-products and DDGS industry situation, during the 22nd Annual Distillers Grains Symposium in Des Moines, Iowa.
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