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Peter Chrystal (Baiada) gave a presentation on different tests, models and tools to better analyze feed formulation and poultry nutrition, during the Latin American Poultry Congress in Lima, Peru.
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Alain Riggi Thanks a lot for your nice information. Be good.
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Dear Sir Thanks for your nice presentation. I'd like to know % of Beta-Glucan and MOS. Be good. Shah Alam Bangladesh
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Dear SirHave a nice day! Are there any survey report for mycotoxins in Bangladesh to you?If it is available to you, can you share with me? Be good.Best regardsShah AlamSales ManagerCentury Agro Ltdshahalam_century@yahoo.comBangladesh
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Introduction The issue of antibiotics-resistance on animals has raised the concerns of meat safety and human health. The banning of antibiotics- growth promoter in animal feed was announced in EU in 2006. Other countries are starting to follow the regulation to comply with the compulsory withdrawal periods to ensure ‘antibiotics-free’ products. During the ‘antibiotics withdrawal ...
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Linwood Hoffman and Tom Capehart (USDA Economic Research Service) gave a presentation on the co-products and DDGS industry situation, during the 22nd Annual Distillers Grains Symposium in Des Moines, Iowa.
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The selected yeast fraction Safmannan® helps to counteract E. coli negative effects in poultry: from in vitro tests to farm applications. Introduction Avian colibacillosis gather different infections caused by an avian pathogenic Escherichia coli (E. Coli). E. coli are part of a healthy and balanced chicken’s gut flora. However, intensive production conditions may lead to a growth of t ...
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The International Egg Commission formally endorsed the following statement on the industry’s use of antimicrobials during the IEC Global Leadership Conference which took place in Kyoto from 9th to 13th September 2018. The International Egg Commission and its members support, and will promote, the responsible use of all antimicrobials to allow for the long-term safe production of eggs, safeg ...
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A joint venture signed between Ecophos and Chanhen has sent a wave of anticipation through the feed phosphate market as the 5 billion RMB investment, when completed, will process 2.2 million tons of low grade phosphate rock annually into 400,000 tons of high-quality feed phosphate. The joint venture will serve local and regional demand for specialty feed and fertilizer phosphates besides addressin ...
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Mr. Ahmed Hamoud, Firstly, thanks for your interesting and question.All these factors you cited are correlated. When we have an increase of the pathogenic bacterial population in the intestine and the immune system is not working very well to eliminate them, the intestinal structures will be impaired and can occur rupture of tight junctions and cell death. In this way, there will be increased inte ...
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