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In recent decades there has been a growth in the interaction of people with dogs and cats, mainly because of the proximity of the human relationship with pets. This relationship involves walking, bathing and grooming, visits to the veterinarian and even a special diet, as pets are treated as an integral part of the family. Recent data from IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) sho ...
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Welcome to the 2019 series of monthly weather and mycotoxin reports provided by Adisseo’s mycotoxin specialists with the support of Novak Weather Consultants. We are now entering a critical stage in the new corn crop development, where weather patterns can play a big role on grain quality at harvest time. The 2019 corn crop remains well behind average after a delayed planting pace. O ...
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INTRODUCTION Dietary mycotoxin contamination is an area of great concern for different organisms (Abdelhamid, 2019a & b). It negatively affects the immune system, gut development (Mass, 2018), digestion and performance (Abdelhamid et al., 1992), and may lead to death (Abdelhamid et al., 2006); so, leads to economic loss (Abdelhamid, 2000; 2004 and 2009). Particularly aflatoxins, since their p ...
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It is necessary to use the lc ms/ms method because it is more accurate as well as multi-mycotoxins and not a single mycotoxins
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In 2018, 430 randomly collected feed samples of raw materials and feed mills in farms were analyzed. Samples were tested for aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1, and G2), zearalenone, fumonisins (B1, B2, and B3) and deoxynivalenol by the ELISA Mycotoxin analysis kit (Romer Labs®). Results Of 430 feed samples collected, 90.9% were contaminated with deoxynivalenol (table 1). The maximum concentration of de ...
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Srdjan Nesic my dear my work about zearalenone concentration in milk .no detected in milk after administration of zon 1000 micrograms daily in dairy goats for 14 days With my regard Dr.Adil
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Poultry industry suffers greatly from the economic losses due to the adverse effects of mycotoxicosis attributed to reduced feed intake, poor feed conversion and nutrient utilization, growth and production performance, immunosuppression and subsequently increased susceptibility to various infections (Xue et al. 2010). Aflatoxin is the most commonly occurring mycotoxin in India. Major forms of AF i ...
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Crops can be contaminated with mycotoxins already on the field (pre-harvest) or during transport, storage or processing (post-harvest). A survey of mycotoxin contamination in Europe and Asia showed that deoxynivalenol (DON) and zearalenone (ZEN) are 2 of the most important mycotoxins in Europe based on occurrence and toxicity. Both toxins belong to the group of fusariotoxins produced by Fusarium s ...
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Synergistic interaction not always. Sometimes is additive or antagonistic.
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