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Early nutrition and feeding play a very important role to modulate the immature immune system of chicks and piglets. In this TechTalk, Teera Tiyasatkulkovit, Technical Services Manager for Novus Southeast Asia and Pacific, talks about how essential oils can complement the animal’s innate immune system and enhance their adaptive immune system to protect young animals and support their growth.
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I have seen such cases , in Pune region during 2007-2009 period with enlarged proventriculus and gizzard erosions. In your case it is 100% HPS and IBH based on lesions mentioned by you. It is better to find another source of chicks who’s parents got vaccinated with Adenovirus Serotype 4,8a 8b. Adenovirus mainly passed thru feces so take care to treat birds with virucidal agents in D/W and don’t pu ...
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Gabriela Barbeli-Petu Which coccidiostats have a zero withdrawal period?
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