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Hello everyone, maybe a dumb question here, not related to poultry health, but regarding the new COVID-19: any opinions about the possibility of some kind of cross imunity that someone working in the poultry farm, where(wilde strains of) coronavirus is circulating often, could build up against COVID-19? And how far from a vaccine against this do you think we are? Thanks!
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Dear colleagues! In my opinion, there is no universal scheme for prophylactics of coccidiosis for all farms. Each farm has its own scheme. And in each case there are individual dependencies. We have experience in the prevention of coccidiosis for 20 years, and very rarely there are similar situations. Therefore in each case it is necessary to understand separately. For example, I am convinced that ...
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Hi, dr. Nitin, do you have some info to share with us about this problem you had with gizzard lesions? I am asking because one of the farm that I visit is having the same problem: gizzard erosions, black content in the gizzard and crop, internal bleeding, all starting with the age of 20 days. The mortalities are progressive. The problem is not on the entire farm, only about 30 % is affected. They ...
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What other type of lesions do you observe in these birds? I don't imagine that this is the only type of lesion...
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Hi, maybe you should consider the possibility of water deprivation, vitamin A defficiency, excess of Calcium, high protein diet, mycotoxins. Also the infectious causes, astroviruses(avian nephritis viral infections). Did you observed some grow retardation also? All the best!
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