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Dr. K. M. Ehasanul Islam
DVM, MS(Theriogenology)
Working for development of market
DVM, MS(Theriogenology)
Discussion created on July 2, 2021
17 days old broiler bird infected with IBD, Characterized by Swollen bursa and hemorrhage on thigh and breast muscle.
Photos published on May 19, 2018
Poultry gut health
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In my opinion, specific enzyme like protease should be as homologous as endogenous enzymes hence enzyme can work with more efficacy on protein raw materials which we are using in poultry feed and also should act on broad ph level, hence acceleration rate can increase with more contact time of enzyme and substrate and finally all applications should be cost effective.
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Dr. Vijay Swami, It´s the other way around. You choose an enzyme based on the raw materials that are in the feed. If you already have dipeptides in the GI tract the need for proteases is small. Alkaline proteases should be avoided. Theses proteases are most likely developed for detergents not for animal feed. The efficacy of an enzyme is to a large degree determined by it´s optimum pH level. In ...
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I have little doubt, substrate use for protease, pure protein is best one or dipeptides, what will be the perfect combination of acidic, neutral and alikaline protease? How to elevate the activity of pepsin and trypsin as it's a endogenous for protein digestion?
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Dear colleagues, thanks a lot for your opinion. From my point of view, it is important to understand the difference between NSP&phytase and proteases. Monogastric digestion system does not contain NSP&phytase enzymes; however, it contains endogenous proteases. Question is activity of these proteases is not enough for complete hydrolysis of feed protein. The advanced poultry crosses like Co ...
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Monogastric Nutrition Lab at University of Guelph is glad to collaborate with CBS in nucleotide research. We have seen phenomenal responses to experimental cocci challenge on tissue regeneration, immunity and gut microbiome. The graduate student (Haley Leung) presented at PSA 2017 and IPPE 2018
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We have used Nucleotides in Our products for young animals including Poultry in a liquid form sold As Aviboost Poultry tonic. We have experienced great success with Nucleotides.
Discussion created on August 3, 2017
17 day old chick, infected with E. coli infection, characterized by pseudomembrane formation on heart and liver
Participation in Forum on March 16, 2017
What about the coasting of this training course? Is their any chance to get any funding to move their from Bangladesh?
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