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Broiler diseases

Published: March 24, 2014
By: Dr. K. M. Ehasanul Islam
17 days old broiler bird infected with IBD, Characterized by Swollen bursa and hemorrhage on thigh and breast muscle.
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Dr. K. M. Ehasanul Islam
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Asad Qureshi
2 de abril de 2014
What is the treatment for IBD?
Dr. K. M. Ehasanul Islam
2 de abril de 2014
For the treatment of IBD we suggest........... 1. Broad spectrum antibiotics like Ciprofloxacin solution or Danofloxacin for two times in a day 2. Acetic acid (Vinegar) for one times in a day 3. Vitamin E and Selenium one times in a day 4.Suger at the noon times with drinking water @ 5gm/1L Sometime we suggest for giving Immunodeveloper medicine. After treatment ........... Prognosis is favorable.
Asad Qureshi
2 de abril de 2014
Result percentage if the mentioned products are used?
Dr. K. M. Ehasanul Islam
3 de abril de 2014
In most of the case we are success.u can calculate at 95% cases we are success
Kimleang Wg
14 de agosto de 2014
Great! I agree.
Dr. K. M. Ehasanul Islam
19 de agosto de 2014
Thanks dear sir Kimleang Leng
christopher hlupani
1 de octubre de 2014
my birds keep on dying when they reach 4 th week . last winter it was water belly now heart attack in summer. please help me. can I have a guide for managing my project of broiler meat chickens
Dr. K. M. Ehasanul Islam
13 de octubre de 2014
Dear, Christopher hlupani Yes, their have lots of broiler management guide available in internet. From their u can download all of your necessary data.I think may be your country is so hot now , that's why most of the aged(4 week age) broiler falling in heat stress. so preventing heat stress u can follow those suggestion that are mention below:( ANY ONE OR TWO U CAN FOLLOW) 1. Sodi bi carb@ 1gm/ 1L of DW during hot time of day. 2.Vitamin -C @ 1gm/ 3 L of DW 3. Betain containing saline @1gm/1L of DW during hot day.(Its very effective for controlling heat stress) 4. Every day supply plenty amount of cool DW 5. Try to spray some cool water during very hot climate on all over the bird
salehi kahrizsangi
26 de septiembre de 2016
are you sure its IBD but not CAV? clinical signs of IBD would not be detectable under 21 days. also according to my experience using antibiotics during IBD will absoultly increse the mortality.
Ali Rizvi
2 de julio de 2021

salehi kahrizsangi
Birds under three weeks of age don’t exhibit proper lesions of IBD due to under developed lymphatic & immune system. And no haemorrhaging lesions as complement system is not fully developed.

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