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Yeast nucleotides and Coccidiosis - Rob Patterson

Published: March 28, 2018
Rob Patterson (Canadian Bio-Systems) explained the benefits of nucleotides in tissue recovery and cellular regeneration in broilers, as well as their combination with exogenous carbohydrases and fatty acids, during IPPE 2018 in Atlanta, USA.
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Rob Patterson
Canadian Bio-Systems, CBS
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Eddy Mehta
2 de mayo de 2018
We have used Nucleotides in Our products for young animals including Poultry in a liquid form sold As Aviboost Poultry tonic. We have experienced great success with Nucleotides.
Vicky Xu
29 de mayo de 2018
Eddy Mehta It is future trend to use nucleotides for animal nutrition.And I feel happy for your success with the nucleotides. My company is nucleotides manufacturer in China. We produce nucleotides, yeast nucleotides, RNA and so on. If you feel interested, you can contact me: vicky@biotogether.com Hope we can find a way to cooperate with you!
Elijah Kiarie
Poultry Health Research Network
2 de mayo de 2018
Monogastric Nutrition Lab at University of Guelph is glad to collaborate with CBS in nucleotide research. We have seen phenomenal responses to experimental cocci challenge on tissue regeneration, immunity and gut microbiome. The graduate student (Haley Leung) presented at PSA 2017 and IPPE 2018
Ali Daneshmand
2 de mayo de 2018

Thanks for your nice description, but previous studies, especially those conducted with labled nucleotides, showed that only tiny amount of nucleotides can absorb from the intestine into the epithelial cells, due to the negative charge of phosphate moiety in the structure of nucleotides. On the other hand, what do you mean by "yeast nucleotides"? Which part of the yeast do you use as nucleotides? If cell content, it must be purified, because as you know cell content of the yeast contains several nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, and nucleotides. Therefore, the cell content must be purified to obtain nucleotides, otherwise you cannot call it "Yeast Nucleotides", because the effects of other nutrients may interfere nucleotides' effects. I am interested to discuss on this subject.

Dr zeeshan awan
2 de mayo de 2018

How much is it effective in field cases?

Haroon Mushtaq
4 de mayo de 2018
Is yeast nucleotide different from other nucleotides in structure and function specifically? How do you quantify nucleotides, means units?
Dr. Fiodor S. Marchenkov
Kronos -Agro private company
14 de mayo de 2018
Dear Ali, yeast nucleotides named because they are isolated from yeast. Several firms from the world are producing nucleotides (for example, Ascogen Ltd), and everybody using yeast as a raw material. Of course yeast contains a lot of other substances, but purified product contains only nucleotides. Nucleotides are very effective tool to improve FCR and DWG. The main disadvantage to use nucleotides in grower/finisher diet is only relatively high price...
Ali Daneshmand
15 de mayo de 2018
Dr. Fiodor S. Marchenkov as you know and previous studies showed dietary nucleotides may not be effective due to very low absorption rate in the intestine because of negative charge of phosphate moiety in the structure of nucleotides which interfere with negative charge of mucus layer. In addition, which part of yeast has been used as nucleotides? Most companies break the yeast wall with ultrasound instruments and make a mixture and call it "yeast nucleotides. Do you agree with such title? As you know the yeast wall contains various polysaccharides and even cell content has various other nutrients rather than only nucleotides.
bheteljoy viliganilao
14 de mayo de 2018
What is the ration of this application of yeast nucleotides and coccidiosis?
Vicky Xu
29 de mayo de 2018

Yeast nucleotide is a functional product of degradation of yeast nucleic acid, which is rich in free nutrients. In animal husbandry and fishery production, it can improve feed intake, decrease the ratio of feed and meat, as well as reduce antibiotic use effect.

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