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Damien Preveraud, thank you for your response. Can you please elaborate a bit on thermostability of this probiotic? Will it withstand ~90C that’s usually observed in our country during Summer time? If yes, then what’s the technology behind?
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In practical formulation, nutritionists usually consider P & Ca as per the recommendation of 'phytase company', keeping the rest of the nutrients escaped to provide benefit, if any, to birds. As for as terminology of 'P' is concerned, it's being used as 'non-phytate' and 'digestible'. The value of both is different for different sources (e.g.) MCP has 100% non-phytate P whereas its digestible val ...
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Muhammad Farooq Don’t you think we here in Pakistan don’t follow AGP free diets strictly so it’s hard to observe noticeable difference over cost?
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Saif Ul Haq actually, nature of protease should be known to have its effect and per se nature is a wider term so does the performance. We shouldn’t expect consistency of performance from enzymes as there are a lot of factors which deviate performance of enzymes, even phytase, but return on investment matters.
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Park W. Waldroup can you elaborate a bit more how one kind of FTU isn’t equal to other FTU?
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But still we’re unable to convince customer the probable benefits of using protease particularly. Though we’ve lot of trial data to mark the difference.
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Enzymes usually perform better, but not additive, in combination with phytase and obvious reason is the breakdown of caging effect of NSPs.
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Question is that how to merge two matrices, phytase + protease or even with carbohydrases when individual enzyme sources are used? Practicality of this merger would also be according to diet either vegetable or animal base ingredients. So complex situation.
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Is yeast nucleotide different from other nucleotides in structure and function specifically? How do you quantify nucleotides, means units?
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