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dear Professor Juarez Donzele , thanks for your interesting questions. 1/ We did not investigate this enzyme secretion.2/ Also, regarding your question on antibiotic resistance, we have selected our probiotic strain specifically to meet regulatory guideline, and we show negative results (no resistance gene detected) for each antibiotics tested.
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Haroon Mushtaq ; as explain by Ankur, probiotic is fed to broilers as spores forms, able to resist very high temperature and pressure. It was one of the main specifications we were looking at when we developed the product. Spores will germinate in the intestine. We have just presented original data and scientific in vivo prove at the last IPPE.
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Amin Nahal Try a patent bacillus subtillis, This will improve growth and also manage clostridium peferengies
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"A probiotic strain is capable of inducing beneficial effects on growth performance and could be a reliable alternative to AGP", said Damien Prévéraud, Global Scientific Support at Adisseo, during his presentation in the 8th Symposium on Gut Health in Production of Food Animals in St. Louis, USA.
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Guoyao WuDear Dr. Wu, Of course, I do not want animals to increase the load on the excretory systems and excrete excessive amounts of nitrogen. Although, as you know, they still excrete it, despite a balanced diet. To verify this, it is enough to inhale air from any pigsty once. What I meant to say is that metabolism is a flexible system that can respond to different situations through gene expres ...
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But animals can improve the ratio of amino acids and make this ratio closer to the theoretical model of an ideal protein using biochemical reactions for the synthesis of the desired amino acids, the degradation of unnecessary amino acids, and the transamination of amino acids. This requires specific conditions and cofactors, for example, coenzymes, electron donors and acceptors, necessary trace el ...
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Thanks to the authors for an interesting publication, but I think that the practical priority in the matter belongs to the research center of Danisco AS. 25 years ago they formulated the working concept "Sunflower + Enzyme = Soy". The employees of my company supported this idea, because in Ukraine (the number 1 country in the world in the production of sunflower oil and sunflower meal), the cost o ...
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Nelson Ward Yes, it is. Soya and copra from coconuts, too.
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I have personally used ß-mannanase enzyme in layering hens during peak egg production period. Soybean hull was used in combination with ß-mannanase enzyme and it has resulted in increased nutrient digestibility, feed intake and weight gain
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Soy hulls carry a significant amount of beta-mannan.
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