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Dear Mustafa, thanks a lot for your article. The antistress action of glutamine is caused by central position of these amino acids in transferring of amino groups. So, in this way glutamine is highly increasing their spectra of biochemical reactions, responsible for antistress action. You can support glutamine by betaine and carnitine. Probably these substances can give a synergic effect. Best wis ...
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Dear Dave Zacek , exactly, plant extracts! Because extracts containing a lot of different biologically-active substances, not only essential oils. Different methods of extraction - different composition of extract. A lot of opportunities for new additives development!
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Alfredo Navarro De Andrade Dear Alfredo, yes it is. Mixture of OA is better than single OA. Also is reason to add appropriate salts: formiate, propionate, butyrate and others.
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I believe that in choosing organic acids it is important to consider the Ka of the acid.Normally, a mixture of organic acids of different Ka works better than a single acid. This mixture of different Ka organic acids guarantees acidification of all parts of the upper digestive tract.
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African swine fewer is caused by DNA-virus, and now it is impossible to decrease it using antibiotics, as well as by other feed additives. Another matter is E.coli, Salmonella sp. and Staphylococcus aureus. Also Campilobacter jejuni is very dangerius for human gut, especially in Europe. Probably ImmunoWall can be effective against Campilobacter, too.
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Porphyrio is very interesting company. According to data collected from the farm, Porphyrio can give exact prognose for future results. This is really first step in precise controling and optimizing of farming technology.
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Hi everybody, i think that we forget to speak about the type of the fiber. Is it soluble fibre or non soluble fiber !!! very important ...
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Dear Jodh Singh, one substrate (phytate) and if the same enzyme activity, and if the same thermostability = the same result. For instance, some phytases producent can be also yeast, too. No difference. If you want to select better enzyme, pls perform tests in your lab, and everything will be clear.
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Thanks, Melina, excellent speech! 100% agree. May be also a reason to remember trials with Salmonella and feed enzyme Avizyme, resulting in bad conditions for Salmonella in the gut and resistance to low titres of Salmonella in broilers.
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Dear Jo, please keep in mind that feed enzymes are working immediately, very quickly. However, probiotics need some time to reach the necessary cell count. That's why it is necessary to wait some time to probiotic effect will be paralelly realized. Or synergic effect, I absolutely agree with Dr.Henk's opinion.
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