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Hello dear doctor, thank you for your useful article, what is your opinion on the ratio of adding sunflower meal with lysine in the diet of laying hens? Of course, taking into account the age of the herd and the percentage of production
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Thanks to the authors for an interesting publication, but I think that the practical priority in the matter belongs to the research center of Danisco AS. 25 years ago they formulated the working concept "Sunflower + Enzyme = Soy". The employees of my company supported this idea, because in Ukraine (the number 1 country in the world in the production of sunflower oil and sunflower meal), the cost o ...
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Yes, I am very happy that you have invited me to participate in this world congress and to be next to you professors and elders of bird science and it makes me proud.
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Measurement of HDL in blood serum of laying hens by spectrophotometric method
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David Wicker Ph. D. Those are very good points and highlight the difficulty of taking results obtained in small scale research (where we can expect a proportion of birds - i.e. the negative control - to show the ill effects of the challenge) and attempting to learn what works in the field (where the loss of productivity would be unacceptable).
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Good comments. It's true that enzymes have to formulated properly and have a matrix to work on. If you are using better ingredients, enzymes may not be necessary anymore. Make sure you know why each ingredient is in your formulation.
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Akbar Yaghobfar The difficulty of working with enzymes, in the same way as with feed rations, is that you have to solve multifactorial problems. They depend on many, often completely different reasons. So you say whether enzymes depend on the climate, whether it is the tropics or the north. They do not depend on enzymes, since the bird's internal temperature does not depend on the climate of the ...
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