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Lee Baxter
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Why does litter seem to suddenly cake over just prior to turning the birds out into full house? In many cases, it is simply because minimum ventilation fan settings are not being changed quickly enough to keep up with the rapidly increasing amount of moisture the chicks are adding to the litter. This often occurs because suggested minimum ventilation fan settings are often provided in terms of age ...
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The status of Fellow is one of the highest distinctions a PSA member can achieve. The election to Fellow recognizes members of the Poultry Science Association for professional distinction and contributions to the field of poultry science and service to the Poultry Science Association. Not more than five members may be elected as Fellows at any one annual meeting. A two-thirds majority vote by the ...
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IntroductionAnimals used for food production have been genetically selected for feed intake and muscle development (or milk and egg production) and are therefore divergent from their ancestors. In addition, these animals are reared in conditions that favor fast spread of pathogens. The high uptake of feed and the fast growth make these animals prone to intestinal disorders, what has ...
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Lee Baxter Hi Lee: Of course the calculator has its weakness. For instance, if it is relatively warm outside and humid the required ventilation can seem excessive but that is the nature of the situation. When you are having problems utilizing the "recommended" minimum ventilation rate the question is, is the ventilation wrong or is there problem with how you are brining in the air? For instan ...
Participation in Forum on August 30, 2021
Hi Mike, I am following the UGA app to calculate min vent, it seems to be quite aggressive at times, over ventilating, as in dropping cold air on the birds before the heaters kick in is causing problems, not saying it’s just vent levels, other factors to consider, feed quality etc . But to maintain low humidity seems really difficult when outside humidity is averaging 85% on a good day. Is it a ca ...
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Lee Baxter The minimum ventilation calculator is good for anytime during the flock to provide an estimate of how much you should be ventilating based on water consumption and inside/outside conditions. Technically during the night when temperatures are lower minimum ventilation rates tend to decrease...this is something you can experiment with the app. During cold weather the changes in theoreti ...
Participation in Forum on February 22, 2021
Hi, Frederic, this is the same pattern I have found, we stock at 21 birds per m2 so by thinning at 32 days the sheds are very tight.I’m going to look at early min vent to try and keep humidity down a bit before that stage. I’m at 23 days now, 10500 liters of water going in humidity pushing 65%. Litter is poor already. Just as well I’ve got plenty of shavings!
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Lee Baxter Hi to both of you. I’m in Quebec, Canada and I also brood whole house. Our controller use some kind of integrated min ventilation calculator based on inside/outside temperature, inside actual RH and inside RH target. We also have a feature that made possible some manuals adjustments up or down for whatever reason we may encounter during flock. I find the most challenging period to ...
Participation in Forum on February 20, 2021
Very interesting Mike, first time I’ve seen min vent based on water consumption, seems logical, will take a look at what my early min vent settings are. I seem to have similar issues with litter capping over, although I am whole house brooding. Does the min vent calculator run throughout the crop or just the first brooding stage. I would also ask, in the uk at this time of year outside temperature ...
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Now that 2020 is behind us, PSA is diligently working on plans for 2021. The biggest of which is the 2021 PSA Annual Meeting, in Omaha. To answer the question “What do we do in 2021?”, the PSA Board appointed a task force, conducted an attendee survey, completed countless hours of research and risk assessment, and of course, have been following the recommendations of the CDC and WHO. ...
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