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I. INTRODUCTIONIn the 1990s, researchers from the American Soybean Association (ASA) showed that soybean meal with similar proximate analysis can perform very differently in poultry and swine feeding. Subsequently, Creswell and Swick (2008) carried out feeding trials, AME and digestible amino acid analysis of 4 soybean meals. They found that there was a large difference between the soybean meals i ...
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Fantastic!! Very nice approach.Have you considered the CV of the mixer in that situation?
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Oxidative stress in poultryPoultry is one of the fastest growing segments of animal industry and has a substantial contribution to food security and nutrition. Birds are exposed to a multitude of stressors of environmental, nutritional, microbiological, and managemental origin throughout their life cycle that negatively impacts their health and production (Altan et al., 2003). These include sexing ...
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Dr. Shivi Maini sure!! My email is Thanks again for your help!!
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Very interesting!!!. Could you bring information such as diet composition, energy level and protein?
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OverviewCorn is the most common feed ingredient used in poultry nutrition. Maize contributes with up to 65% of the metabolizable energy and 20% of crude protein in poultry diets (Gehring et al., 2013; Dei, 2017). Its average nutritional value is well-known, but it is accepted that the variability in its composition and energy value is a very common issue with great impact on poultry performance an ...
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Dear Dr. Koushik De. I find interesting your discussion on trypsin inhibitors and their role as antinutritional factors in broiler nutrition. It would be nice however, if you add a list of all the literature cited and provide credit where credit is due. Havenstein et al. (2003) didn't discuss trypsin inhibitors in their comparison of the 1957 and 2001 genetics, the slide that you have in your pape ...
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Very interesting topic and very useful as I have been seeing a very similar pattern at 21 days, one thing that does buck the trend is growth and FCR are not affected. Litter goes from dry and friable to greasy and capped in 24hrs! Once the litter is capped it is unretrievable.
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Hashaam Chaudhry. Hello Hashaam, thank you for your participation. Of course not, fermented SBM under current economics is not going to be cost effective for massive production, that is not the purpose of fermented SBM. Fermented SBM is an opportunity to add value to specific fragments of the feed market where it will be justified, and where there will be a return on investment. Let´s say for e ...
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