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Hi to all: I agree with Mr Robert that basically prolapse is because of management topics but to analyse the causes and to solve it must look at which age it occurs?1- Just after start of production2- in the middle age whiteout observe it before that time3- in aged flocks for example more than 60 weeks age? In start of production it is the very bad kind and is due to bed management in rearing, spe ...
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We are faced whit H9N2 in IRAN .all breeder flock will be vaccinated hence progeny have maternal antibody but in extreme condition like heat stress it doesn,t work also in complicated condition whit other agent like ND-IB-Mg....induces high mortality .one time vaccination in first week induces about LOG 5-6 after 3 weeks . it can be raised by second vaccination before lay also in situation wher ...
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Dr. De Gussem is quite right in referring in his interview to the fact of the large feed intake that occurs with modern broilers and the implications it may have in reference to dysbacteriosis or what he also called bacterial enteritis. A review of the definition and description of dysbacteriosis by Teirlynch et al. (2011. Morphometric evaluation of "dysbacteriosis" in broilers. Avian Pathology ...
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Thanks to Mr. Nelson, in other side over heated soybean has biogenic amins that is not usable to chicken or hen and will be used by other bacteria like gram negative and induces dysbacteriosis followed by dark and black extera and wet litter.
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I think that you are not using cage for layer in production, the chemical was recommended above can be used to treat it and secondary bacterial enteritis, but for prevention of it in future and in this flock and to repair damaged gut you can use herbal in feed. And also for next flock must induce immunity either by vaccination or by using chemicals in feed. Also, if the house of production is not ...
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Thanks for sharing your information about AI and moulting effect. When the high pathogenic AI is prevalent in an area we see two different outcomes in pullet and layer. In pullet farms, the rate of morbidity and mortality is much slower than layer farms in production, and it seems it is because of slower infection and shedding of agent. The important difference between these two (pullet and hens ...
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Gut dysfunction due to heat stress is only one aspect of it, there is anion cation imbalance, respiratory Alkalosis and etc the right decision is to correct the environment condition in poultry house about temperature and ventilation but after heat stress we are faced whit structural change and growth of harmful bacteria in intestine and have to be prevention or treated, hence in tropical area hav ...
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Hi : It is about 3 or 4 years i use AMINONIR TO evaluate quality of nutrient in raw material like corn ,soybean mill and .... the speed in giving of result and accuracy is very useful to deciding about raw material or changing of formula of feed . also thanks to it because of evaluate of quality in some raw like soybean mill like KOH and PDI .... .
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I agree because "all hens require a specific amount of nutrients to maintain production and skeletal structure. The skeleton and dietary requirements of hens are unique relative to the level of calcium consumed and the amount of bone that is constantly being built and resorbed".Hence, rearing period is important to make a strong structural bone and management of sexual maturity to built a high med ...
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Doug Korver (University of Alberta) talked about calcium reserves and improving shell quality in egg production, during the 1st PoultryUniverse Coccidiosis Congress in Curitiba, Brazil.
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