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Hi Richard: In today's poultry industry, dysbiosis not only is seen in broilers but also is seen in layers (commercials and breeders) and we need a lot of steering to improve gut health in all kind of chicken. And not only the plant cell like NSP predispose the condition to change the microbiota but also the structure of feed, anti nutrient and biogenic amine do it also and foregut formation in ea ...
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Melina Aparecida Bonato Hi MELLINA : MY e-mail address is :
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Thank you Melina:Can you say regarding your research about betaglocan and MOS and their ability to control of salmonella is to prevent of colonization or invasion phase? it seems prevention of colonization of salmonella is more better and important. Please if you have document about the effectiveness of the product in colonization I will be glad to have them.
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Hi Dr ogbu samuel oluwah: I,am veterinarian in IRAN as you and it is about 30 years working in a Barekat Company that have Ground Parent,-Parent breeder- , commercial layer chicken - also pullets and layer in production. have about 35% share in market . we are working whit Lohmann breed LSL lite for 15 years and before we worked by Hy-line W36- Bovans and Hisex breeds . according to my experienc ...
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Zahed shab giving very2 good suggestions on prolapse ,I am only suggest for body many Layer farmer not doing good management and giving extra top dressing of soya which rs very harmful .
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Dear Dr. Chandra the average weight(1500 grams) of your bovans flock in 23 weeks age is good for better understanding your flock problem it is necessary to evaluate some item as bellow :1- How much is the uniformity of your flock ? in this age it must be more than 85% how many of bird,s weight are lower and under the 10% of average weight? if the rate is high the problem is worse.2- if uniformity ...
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Prolapse can be prevented by good management in rearing period. Reaching body target body weight in 5-6 weeks age is the first step in the prevention of prolapse, and body weight and uniformity in 15-13 weeks age (skeletal uniformity) is another important step to preventing it. Early sexual maturation which reproductive organ oviduct is not fully completed especially with a not uniform flock in 15 ...
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Hi to all: I agree with Mr Robert that basically prolapse is because of management topics but to analyse the causes and to solve it must look at which age it occurs?1- Just after start of production2- in the middle age whiteout observe it before that time3- in aged flocks for example more than 60 weeks age? In start of production it is the very bad kind and is due to bed management in rearing, spe ...
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We are faced whit H9N2 in IRAN .all breeder flock will be vaccinated hence progeny have maternal antibody but in extreme condition like heat stress it doesn,t work also in complicated condition whit other agent like ND-IB-Mg....induces high mortality .one time vaccination in first week induces about LOG 5-6 after 3 weeks . it can be raised by second vaccination before lay also in situation wher ...
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Dr. De Gussem is quite right in referring in his interview to the fact of the large feed intake that occurs with modern broilers and the implications it may have in reference to dysbacteriosis or what he also called bacterial enteritis. A review of the definition and description of dysbacteriosis by Teirlynch et al. (2011. Morphometric evaluation of "dysbacteriosis" in broilers. Avian Pathology ...
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