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Breeder and layer management , prevention,control and treatments of diseases and technical cosultant in Hatcheries, management of hatch process to have high quality day old chicks.
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Although I agree with the author of the article about the difficulties of practical application of the ideal protein concept, nevertheless, I believe that this concept has the right to exist as a mathematical model. It can be used to get closer to the most efficient protein absorption. But in practice, fluctuations in the composition of grain raw materials and protein sources are observed, and the ...
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Great points! Matrix values of enzymes should be used cautiously as they might not always be accurate. Different factors such as birds’ age, dietary antinutrients, disease, and environmental conditions can affect the efficacy of enzymes in diets. Another concern in using these values is related to enzyme additivity issues. Nutritionists must be careful when reviewing the total matrix applied ...
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Zahed Abbasi, I would just comment that to keep a look out on feed intake also, if it drops it could be a sign that indeed the enzyme is working, but because energy to all othe nutrients ratio wasn't changed that the birds now have decreased daily intake of all nutrients and could therefor also show no gain in performance parameters, even in some circumstances show a loss! But that is not the enz ...
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Zahed Abbasi Hello and thanks for your content. In connection with the article provided by you, I present the summary of the results of a test conducted by us. Abstract The present experiment was designed to investigate the effects of different levels of commercial enzyme supplemented with diets containing different levels of hull-less barley on performance and egg quality in laying hens. For this ...
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Hi to all: The first purpose of enzyme using is to use the nutrient that without exogenous enzyme are not usable by endogenous enzyme . The other most important purpose is gut health . I advise to use enzyme like those that are effective on the NSP in breeder and layer first on top , after using evaluate the body weight ,egg weight and production percent .if there be increase in body and egg we ...
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Zahed AbbasiHi, The best way to reduce oocyst is to burn the floor of the poultry house and one meter the side walls. I used this method especially for broilers. There is also disinfectant NEOPREDISAN which administered on the floor of the house destroys the oocysts.very well.
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While the light is very important the dark is very important too. Light is good for pituitary gland activation to secretion growth hormone. The same thing the dark period is important for bineal gland activity and melatonin hormone which is very important to immune response and stress tolerance.A lighting program it is not only photoperiod but also light intensity weave length as well as a source ...
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DR.R.N.Sreenivas Gowda, you make good points on enzyme supplementation. We developed Victus™ Broiler multi-enzyme supplement several years ago based on bird physiology, changes in nonstarch polysaccharides (NSP) over the growout, and the need for debranching enzymes (Ward, 2013). While also including phytase, protease and amylase, the Victus NSP enzyme composition coincides with feed changes. It ...
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Very interesting technology to conduct complicated research with effect energy content of feed, physical form and pellet size and so on. Individual birds could be experimental unit and because of high number of sample, power of test is improved accordingly. Even several treatments can be evaluated in a single facility then the variation that comes from ambient environment is negligible. If I am ri ...
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Hi :BAWINDSOMDE OUEDRAOGO: The main goal is inducing immunity against coccidiosis ,and it can be done by 3 ways . 1- Using coccidiostat in feed according to two program shuttle or rotation . 2- Vaccination against coccidia . 3-Combination of vaccination and shuttle program as BIOSHUTTLE program . Using each one depends on which kind of poultry and housing you are used . for example in pullet produ ...
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