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Dear Javier Thank you for showing your likeness in this article on mycotoxins impact on livestock food security in subsahara Africa Phytosanitory requirements for evidences of using broad spectrum toxin binder in GPS and Parent stocks feed that hatched commercial DOC exported within regions and internationally is now one of a priority advocacy been promoted by livestock industry foundation for Afr ...
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Ashley Stephens, Technical Service Manager, Poultry Nutrition at Evonik Animal Nutrition, speaks about the main aspects of AMINONIR®. Evonik has developed specific calibrations for the prediction of crude protein, dry mater, essential, and non-essential amino acids for all major feed ingredients.
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During IPPE 2019, Mark Daniel, Technical Services Manager at Evonik Animal Nutrition, explains the main benefits of using AMINOBatch® system which allows for a realistic evaluation of mixing quality and helps to produce more homogeneous compound feeds.
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