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Dr Usman
Dr Usman likes this technical article:
IntroductionSugar is a concentrated energy food. However, it is not documented as a vital nutrient for humans. If we never had another teaspoon of dietary sugar in our life, our nutritional health would not be affected in the slightest. So from a health view point sugar is valueless. Sugar is traditionally seen as a danger to blood-glucose levels. The US Dept of Agriculture recommends that sugar m ...
Participation in Forum on October 5, 2016
Nice article about vfa and their impact on milking performance of dairy animals.
Participation in Forum on July 4, 2016
Good it is positive effort against bovine mastitis, I hope after few years we defeat the economic loss which is due to mastitis infection.
Participation in Forum on October 13, 2012
best supportiv information about ketosis for veterinarian and also for dairy farmers.
Participation in Forum on September 5, 2012
I liked it too,
Participation in Forum on September 1, 2012
sugar is resultable item in dairy feed for production and health of animal, farmers use to mix sugar in the form of molasses usually, some are using bread and other bakery items i m agree about usage of sugar and have felt its positive results.
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