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Article published the March 27, 2024
Introduction:It is well known that stomach barrier (acidity) acts against diverse pathogenic agents. This function is particularly influenced by particle size distribution in the diet. Diarrhoea causing E. coli is an agent of relevance in today’s pig production that can lead to weight gains up to high losses. An experimental study was conducted to evaluate the ability of a specific pathogeni ...
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Article published the July 19, 2023
Introduction:Gastric ulcerations are a special challenge in modern pork production. Stress can be a reason but in particular the existing milieu conditions have an impact on the development of gastric lesions. The dietetic effects of fibre sources in pigs’ gastrointestinal tract are well known. In some cases fibre sources are used as material for the pigs to root and manipulate. The present ...
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Article published the July 17, 2023
Introduction:Fattening of entire male pigs as a consequence of changed legislation results in new challenges for the pork production. With regard to husbandry the question persists whether separate or mixed housing of male and female fatteners is the most appropriate. In this investigation, the effects of different housing regimes on social behavior, performance and boar taint were determined.Mate ...
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Article published the February 22, 2023
Introduction: The castration of male piglets without anesthesia is under public pressure and is already forbidden in some countries. The fattening of boars is an alternative but due to the accumulation of androstenone (A) and skatole (S) in the fatty tissue, resulting in the so called boar taint, some carcasses may be condemned and therefore excluded from human consumption. Skatole is a product of ...
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Article published the February 22, 2023
Introduction:More than 80% of slaughter pigs in England show epithelial changes at the Pars nonglandularis (PN) of the gastric mucosa. In the interest of animal welfare and to avoid prospective cost deductions, alternative pig feeding strategies must be developed. In this study the effects of a 2-stage coarsely ground compound feed (COF) on performance and stomach health of piglets were tested as ...
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