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Kwamina Banson
For advice in Agriculture and agree-businesses, marketing, business plan, project appraisal, systems design and complexity management, Policy Planning, monetering and Evaluation, etc
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Paul Kobina Eshun send me your email or number and i will send u a hand book for pig production
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DZIHLORNU JONAH i will recommend that you start with 5 sows already crossed with a young boar and about 30 weaners. before the sows piglets reach full market weight, you would have paved the market with the weaners
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Robert Sebewie all breeds are best depending on the purpose of production but for starters, i will recommend the large white or the landrace
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Nana Akwasi Antwi Boasiako i agree with u
Article published the February 28, 2019
1. IntroductionApproximately sixty percent of rural households in developing countries are partially or fully dependent on livestock for their livelihoods [1]. Livestock rearing provides the household with a wide range of benefits, such as cash income, food, manure, draft power and hauling services, savings and insurance, and social status [2]. The livestock farming sector, including piggery remai ...
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Article published the March 21, 2015
1. IntroductionLivestock represent a form of cash security of the livelihood strategies of many poor and disadvantaged rural and peri-urban communities in Ghana [1-3]. For farmers, livestock play a central role in their socio-economic and cultural identity and are a source of food, employment, food security and also assets for store or trade [4, 5]. Table 1 shows the current shortfalls, demand and ...
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shrimps or lobster as part of the fish in feed formation combine with certain active ingredient often found in aspirin can result in ocular hemorrhages
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To start a pig production, all you need already established research information that can help you make the right decisions. Pig production in Ghana occurs in many varied types of systems or facilities. These range from a pasture facility where pigs have little or no shelter and can move throughout a field, to one where pigs are totally confined. Swine need housing to keep them warm during cold te ...
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December 5, 2014
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