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Good, thought provoking article. We shall estimate the digestibility of calcium from Calcium oxide, carbonate, sulphate, propionate etc. Their availability and cost factors. Thanks
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Very informative article, but what about the dose and Saccharomyces cerevisiae count in the product to be used.
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Dear Sir, very informative article, congratulations. Provide micro minerals requirements also as semen quality and quantity is affected by those.
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Good article about Chelated Minerals of Amino Acids. Why not cobalt added to the product?
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Excellent article. It would have been nice, had the composition of sugarcane given
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On the album: PS
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By pass fat supplementation is economical only in transitional phase of the cow. Other wise 3 kg of maize has more calories than one kg inert fat .
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Thanks for comprehensive review on Polysaccharides degrading enzymes. I think in the Maize Soy diets particularly in Broilers enzyme supplementation give inconsistent results. Secondly enzyme products are so variable that their cocktail of enzymes vary considerably. As the age grows there is less use of enzymes. If we increase the dose diarrhoea occurs. If we supplement antibiotics with enzymes th ...
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Very informative article about mechanisms of enzymes in poultry production.Thanks. Now a days various cocktails enzyme preparations are available in the market. Every enzyme product is not fit for every formulation. So choice of enzyme product is very important, it should be substrate specific. Efficacy of enzymes reduces in the adult birds as they can secrete their own endogenous enzymes. Dose of ...
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High density ration during transition stage is recommended. But availability of quality ingredients and price factor come into the picture. The aricle covered phisiology of the animal in detail. Congratulations!
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