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Drinking Water Quality in Poultry. Dr. Susan Watkins (University of Arkansas)

Published: July 29, 2012
Dr. Susan Watkins, Professor at the Center of Excellence for Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas, speaks about the importance of drinking water quality in poultry production during her visit to Argentina, invited by Alltech.
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Gustavo Rupp
19 de febrero de 2022

It is really very satisfying that we give water the importance it deserves, I have always maintained that it is a forgotten element and that we still do not know what the main foods are. In my daily actions, I always teach farm managers that the first food is air, then water and finally food, the buffer capacity of food must be considered in order to avoid altering the pH of the digestive tract and altering the delicate acid-base balance necessary to promote proper digestion and the proliferation of beneficial bacteria.

manoj Singh
14 de enero de 2022
Acidification can also help in early protein digestion. Acidity also plays a major factor in the transformation of pepsinogen to pepsin, which is essential for protein digestion. Lysine digestibility in day-old broilers is 78%, but rises to above 89% by 14 days of age. Therefore, acidification of the water may benefit early protein digestion by slightly reducing the buffering of the feed passing from the crop to the proventriculus. Chick starter diets are one of the most buffered diets the bird will receive, with the exception of layers and breeders in production, due to the calcium and protein content. This may explain increasing successes in acidifying drinking water in the early stages of production.
Alagbe olujimi John
27 de julio de 2020
Thank you very much for the information.
Geest van Jan
24 de junio de 2015
In Europe , The european government made The new biocide regulation, meaning products have to do all The tests to prove to be safe effective and healthy. A product need to have PT05 if you like to use it with birds for drinking and PT03 if you like to use it in a farm. Products like peracetic are carcenogenic and already forbidden to use. The good thing every farmer or anybody can check it by themselves on The website of The european governement for example dutch governement www.ctgb.nl Products based on For example acids, chlorine Will also destroy the drinknipples compagnies like ziggity have done many in investigations . Ozon is nice to desinfect water but cant remove biofilm. Investigations have proved that a drinkline without biofilm can reduce antibiotic uses up till18% and improve production results. Even a biofilm can decrease The effectivity of antibiotic with 25%. For more information jvgeest@intracare.nl
Sunny Purohit
27 de enero de 2023
Dr. Susan Watkins of the University of Arkansas has been conducting research on the role of drinking water quality in poultry production for many years, with a focus on improving nutrient intake and the overall health and wellbeing of birds. Her studies have led to new insights in terms of water disinfection, treatment protocols, additive selection, water analysis testing, and more. She works closely with both researchers and poultry industry professionals to provide cutting-edge information about how clean water can benefit birds. In addition, Dr. Watkins provides education and training programs for poultry producers that emphasize the importance of sound sanitization practices, proper hygiene protocols, and equipment maintenance in relation to product safety and public health. Her pioneering efforts to improve drinking water quality in poultry is truly appreciated by those in the field.
J.J.van Niekerk
13 de noviembre de 2020

Hi Dr Susan is it good for racing pigeons to 5 drops of povidone iodine in their drinking water or can I put 5 drops of jik regular in drinking water


2 de marzo de 2020
Dear Dr. Susan. I would like to hear from you about the use of ozonated water in poultry farming. How do you view this topic?. Many sites have information about this. Specifically, Can you tell us about this? Thanks.
Dermott Reilly
27 de febrero de 2020

Has anyone in this forum looked at using the Grander system to enhance water quality?

Abid Ali
26 de febrero de 2020

Hi Dr. Susan,
What is the safe level of ozone in poultry drinking water in layer birds?


mohamed hayman hussien kamel
8 de octubre de 2015
Thank you very much for this valuable information. Dr.hayman Egypt
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