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It depends on what is low portein and the digest able lysine to formulate to and using the Ideal Protein method. Using a soy + corn as the major ingredient with a dig Lys of 1.28 plus a glycine + define set to crude protein of 22 % and using metionibe, lysine, theorinre , arginine , valinr, and isoleucine the crude protein will decrease to 20 % which is not low protein.
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Currently MgO
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Feather picking can be reduced by adding 1 to 2 kg of of Mg and checking the DEB balance.
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One must have high quality ingredients for performance. Also L Value, L Arginine plus glycine to provide a nitrogen pool when using low crude protein diets Cheap will not work
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This is the T glycine /dig Lysine ratio
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George Entz I am using a Total glycine to dig lysine that would be when the dig lysine is .87 to .88
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What would be the recommended ratio glycine/Lysine in laying chickens and broilers?
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When using Ideal Protein for layers with the amino acids, lysine, methionine, value, the so one, arginine, and tryptophan then glycine must be used to equal glycine in a 16 % crude protein diet to provide enough nitrogen for non essential amino acids.
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