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Poultry litter

Poultry litter is the mix of bedding material, manure and feathers that result from intensive poultry production. This includes litter from meat chickens (broilers), egg-laying chickens (layers) kept under barn conditions, turkeys, ducks and quails. Poultry bedding material consists of wood shavings, pine straw, peanut hulls, and other absorbent dry low-cost materials and is another possible source of pathogenic contamination for poultry. It is generally recommended that farmers keep litter as dry as possible, replace the top layer of the litter with a new one, and apply acid-based litter amendments. Keeping litter dry is a critical part of overall management on every poultry farm. Litter conditions influence bird performance, which in turn affects profits of growers and integrators. Dry litter helps control ammonia levels, provides a healthy flock environment, and reduces condemnations due to hock and footpad burns and breast blisters.
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