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MVSc & A.H. Animal Nutrition
Participation in Forum on July 10, 2021
Nice work. The poor performance in high NE diet with low protein is naturally because of imbalance of calorie and amino acids in feed. Under such situation there is tendency of fat deposition in birds at the cost of feed efficiency resulting in poor performance.
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Very good product.Need of hour.
Participation in Forum on June 25, 2021
The incorporation of fenugreek is too high . Should be very expensive as additive in the feed.As rightly said by Dr Chandra , availability of seed and it's cost per MT of feed is very important.
Participation in Forum on June 23, 2021
Premix is must.We just can not mix it in a batch of 1MT
Participation in Forum on June 22, 2021
It is very difficult to mix either 15 g / 30 g essential oil blend per MT .
Participation in Forum on June 14, 2021
To analyse the specific effect of xylanase enzyme negative control in the experiment is very important Std diet without Phytase and xylanase. Addition of oil in the diet will have its own effect on the performance. In such diet, heat increment losses are less compared to carbohydrate as energy source. This interferes with the efficacy of enzymes. Need to carry out statistical analysis to study the ...
Participation in Forum on June 12, 2021
This abstract won't give clear idea about composition of diet in perticular the fat/oil content of feed.
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Based on the results of your study I would interpret the "benefits" in the title as improving the sustainable production. In addition to economical benefits, reduction in the excretion of nitrogen etc. would be considered as environmental benefits (reduction in environmental footprint of production). Furthermore, reducing the dietary protein would alleviate metabolic pressure on animal as can be c ...
Participation in Forum on April 2, 2021
Prolapse is mostly a management issue. Could be because of improper body weight at onset of egg production, faulty lighting schedule and maybe because of high fibre feed. To have uniformity in flock we must use crumble feed at least up to 12 wk age and then followed by mash feed and control light intensity and lighting programme as recommended by breeding company.
Participation in Forum on March 10, 2021
Juarez Donzele As we are aware that the relative amino acids requirement depend up on the digestible lysine level in the feed.Plus we also keep balance calorie-lysine ratio in the diet.Once we reduce lysine content naturally we reduce energy,protein (at minimal level enough to supply non essential amino acids )and amino acids in feed with marginal compromise in the performance of birds.This is ...
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