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Mangalmurti Pathak
MVSc & A.H. Animal Nutrition
Poultry and dairy Nutritionist.Associated with feed and veterinary pharma industry for last 29 years.
MVSc & A.H. Animal Nutrition
Participation in Forum on August 30, 2023
Difficult to conclude unless feed intake and egg production data is available.
Participation in Forum on June 15, 2023
Can you share the link/ paper to me if possible?My email
Participation in Forum on June 5, 2023
Good finding. Can we give mash feed up to 10 days till digestive system is well developed and followed by crumbles/pellets to overcome this issue ?
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Nowadays feed ingredients prices are constantly increasing, also protein and energy in feed/food have become expensive nutrients. Major challenge for nutritionist is to formulate highly performing feed with low price. People are also more concern impact of animal agriculture on environmental pollution. Using of exogenous enzymes in feed has been ongoing. Phytase enzyme is well known to maximum pou ...
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Mr. O.P. Singh - Managing Director of ABTL Enzymes, speaks about the main challenges that meat producers are facing in Asia and what can offer ABTL Enzymes as a nutrition and enzyme technology in Asia in this regard
Participation in Forum on July 10, 2021
Nice work. The poor performance in high NE diet with low protein is naturally because of imbalance of calorie and amino acids in feed. Under such situation there is tendency of fat deposition in birds at the cost of feed efficiency resulting in poor performance.
Participation in Forum on June 29, 2021
Very good product.Need of hour.
Participation in Forum on June 25, 2021
The incorporation of fenugreek is too high . Should be very expensive as additive in the feed.As rightly said by Dr Chandra , availability of seed and it's cost per MT of feed is very important.
Participation in Forum on June 23, 2021
Premix is must.We just can not mix it in a batch of 1MT
Participation in Forum on June 22, 2021
It is very difficult to mix either 15 g / 30 g essential oil blend per MT .
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