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Article published the April 23, 2021:

Effects of Short Periods of Incubation During Egg Storage (SPIDES) in Prolonged Stored Eggs of Late DeKalb Breeder on Hatchability, Embryonic Mortality and Chick Quality

INTRODUCTION The storage of hatching eggs is a common routine in hatcheries and varying in duration depending on hatchery capacity and the demand of day old chicks (Gharib, 2013). In some cases, the need of ex...
Author/s :
Atif HamzaElfadil Ahmed AdamMutaz Saeed Babiker Mahmoud
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Article published the April 19, 2021:

Sustainability in breeding programmes: breeding the long-life layer

Genetic progress in laying hens has never been so clearly visible in the field throughout the past decades. Modern selection methods, such as genomics and fully automated measurements, as well as massive invest...
Author/s :
Teun van de Braak
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Article published the April 12, 2021:

Nutritional modulation of the antioxidant capacities in poultry: the case of vitamin E

INTRODUCTION Commercial poultry production is associated with a range of stresses, including environmental, technological (Surai and Fisinin, 2016a), nutritional, and internal/biological (Surai and Fisinin, 20...
Author/s :
Peter Surai
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Article published the March 30, 2021:

In Ovo and Neonatal Nutrition in Poultry

IntroductionModern agriculture constantly strives to maximize biological performance of food production in an effort to optimize economic efficiency, profit potential, and sustainability. Commercial poultry pro...
Author/s :
Peter Ferket
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Article published the March 29, 2021:

Improving a nonlinear Gompertz growth model using bird-specific random coefficients in two heritage chicken lines

INTRODUCTION Heritage chickens are important for breeders and industry to protect valuable genes and traits over the long term. However, 50% or more of the genetic diversity is absent in commercial pure lines ...
Author/s :
Martin ZuidhofMohammad Afrouziyeh
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Article published the March 22, 2021:

Complete Genome Sequence of Fowl Aviadenovirus Serotype 8b Isolated in South America

Fowl aviadenoviruses (FAdVs) are worldwide-distributed viruses and are the causative agents of the inclusion body hepatitis (IBH) in chickens (1). IBH is characterized by hepatic necrosis with microscopic eosin...
Author/s :
Ana Luz Chumbe MendozaÁngela MontalvánEliana IcocheaKatherine Calderón MayoManolo Fernandez DiazRay IzquierdoRicardo Montesinos
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Article published the March 17, 2021:

Full-length genome sequences of the first H9N2 avian influenza viruses isolated in the Northeast of Algeria

Background Avian influenza (AI) is an infectious viral disease that mainly affects the respiratory or digestive system. The avian influenza viruses (AIV) affect different species of wild and domestic birds [1]....
Author/s :
Abdelheq BarberisBoudaoud Nadir Alloui
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Article published the February 23, 2021:

Research Note: Storage period and prewarming temperature effects on synchronous egg hatching from broiler breeder flocks during the early laying period

INTRODUCTION Broiler hatching eggs can be stored at temperatures lower than ambient temperature before incubation, which is a common practice in commercial breeding farms and hatcheries. As per the variable ma...
Author/s :
Serdar Özlü
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Article published the February 22, 2021:

Effect of the Age and Body Weight of the Broiler Breeders Male on the Presentation of Oxidative Stress and Its Correlation with the Quality of Testicular Parenchyma and Physiological Antioxidant Levels

1. Introduction The male breeding broiler is the bird used to produce a fertile egg from which the future broiler will be fattened to obtain meat. The importance of the rooster lies in the dissemination of gen...
Author/s :
Felix SanchezRamos VDSocorro Magdalena Escorcia Martínez
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Article published the February 1, 2021:

The emergence, evolution and spread of infectious bronchitis virus genotype GI-23

Author/s :
Ahmed AliAhmed S. Abdel-MoneimMagdy ElkadyMohammed HoutaWalid Kilany
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