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Article published the June 7, 2018:

Artificial Insemination: Troubleshooting to Improve Fertility

Artificial insemination (AI), the foundation of modern-day turkey breeding, was first developed in 1937 at the Bureau of Animal Industry (now the Agricultural Research Service, US Department of Agriculture) by ...
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Murray R. Bakst
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Article published the February 12, 2009:

Hatchability Problems in Muscovy Duck Eggs and Artificial Insemination Process

When a problem occurs in hatchability, usually it can be categorized as a hatchery, egg handling, or breeder flock problem. If the problem has originated within the breeder flock, it is probable that it happen...
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ibrahim ahmed
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Article published the August 16, 2007:

Control of fertility in turkeys: the impact of environment, nutrition and artificial insemination technology

The turkey industry has long taken advantage of the potential offered by artificial insemination, a strategic tool to select male and female lines, and also to optimize the production of broiler chicks. Indeed,...
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