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Availability of raw materials. What can we do?

Published: April 19, 2022
By: Ewa Sujka, Commercial Director
Availability of raw materials. What can we do? - Image 1
In recent weeks, the problem of the availability of raw materials has been accentuated, their high cost and uncertainty of supply have made several professionals in the sector rethink their usual way of working. Of course, there are some difficult months ahead, also considering the quality of raw materials in terms of their nutritional value, possible contamination by mycotoxins, rancidity and a long list of other factors that will have a negative impact on the efficiency of the feed and the zootechnical performance of our animals.
Although the limited availability of ingredients undoubtedly makes the quality a secondary issue, the most important thing is to know how to define the risks and limit their impact on the profitability of the farm.
Availability of raw materials. What can we do? - Image 2
As a minimum, it is important to consider: the effect of the origin of the raw material (variability in protein, fibre, energy content); any possible adulteration by inner or external components; the presence of undesirable, toxic or anti-nutritional substances; and of course, analytical variation between batches - even if they come from the same origin and supplier – it is highly probable that the variability will increase significantly in this days.
PROTECT – Is prevention cheaper than cure? Always. The use of mycotoxin binders is more justified than ever. The presence of mycotoxins in feed makes us to lose us money twice. Firstly, because the nutritional value of the contaminated raw material is diminished. Secondly, because exposure to mycotoxins negatively affects the balance of the gut microbiota and the immune response of the animal.
LIPTOSA offers a wide range of products called FINTOX for the control of mycotoxins, which allows to design a tailor-made protection programme, depending on the risk, production group and available budget.
CARE – Taking care of liver health doesn't have to be expensive. NATURCOLIN® is a vegetable source of choline - a compound recognised for its beneficial effect on the liver. The low inclusion dose of NATURCOLIN® and its compatibility with other feed ingredients allow for continued use, with the effect maintained throughout the production cycle, and at a third of the dose when compared to choline chloride.
RESOURCES MANAGEMENT – the intelligent use of available resources can make a significant difference when it comes to generating profit on the farm. With prices of fats and oils at unprecedented levels, is mandatory to take an advantage of each kilocalorie from the feed. The nutraceutical DigestFast® becomes a very interesting tool, as it allows to reduce up to 10kg of fat or oil in the diet, without losing productive performance. A complete and carefully selected composition provides the necessary support to all possible bottlenecks that we find throughout the process of digestion and metabolization of fats. Likewise, in the situation of possible shortages in the fat and oils supply, DigestFast® used on-top, becomes an alternative to consider, to help make better use of the energy.
Similarly, we can improve the utilisation of methionine in the diet by using the nutraceutical MethPlus®. It is a botanical-based product that allow us to optimise the metabolic path called: methionine recovery cycle, so that the animal uses the amino acid more efficiently and we can reduce the inclusion rate of the synthetic amino acid.
If what you need is to act urgently, we offer you a broad range of liquid solutions, to be supplied via the drinking water: hepatoprotectors, detoxifiers, vitamin complexes, which will allow you to recover the affected animals and quickly restore the high productivity rates in your farm.
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