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Antonio Martinez Sánchez
Antonio Martinez Sánchez
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Digest Fast for monogastric diets

Digest Fast

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Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ewa Sujka, Commercial Director for Liptosa, talks about their new product Digest Fast, a natural biosurfactanct for monogastric diets

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Digest FaSt ensures an excellent digestibility of fats and availability of energy as it acts as a natural emulsifier. It also improves the digestibility of other nutrients in the feed and promotes the absorption of fat soluble vitamins. Besides its emulsifying activity, it has following advantages:


  • Favours the pancreatic, billiard and intestinal secretions.
  • Improves the digestibility of the feed.
  • Prevents and controls the hepatic overload that derivate in fatty liver.
  • Improves the productive performance of the animals.
  • In lactating sows diets, to prevent the body weight lost.
  • Helps to improve the profile of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in the diet.


Digest Fast