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MINERAL FEEDBinders are additives that are used in food production to improve both the quality and presentation of feed. Their main function is to bind and cohere the particles of the ingredients in t
Trace minerals, though required in small amounts, play an important role in animal nutrition, as they are essential for maintaining health and immunity, being involved in growth, production and reprod
NATURCOLIN  optimizes liver function. NATURCOLIN  is not corrosive or hygroscopic, and it is compatible with vitamins. NATURCOLIN provides nutrients digestibility. NATURCOLIN  allows
Contribute to reduce considerably red mite population and avoids its negative impact on zootechnical performance. It does not generate resistances, it does not have a withdrawal period. It favors ani
METHPLUS® E is a phytogenic product that improves bioavailability of methionine naturally contained in feed raw materials. METHPLUS® E Increases digestibility of feed and improves liver condi
Digest Fast® ensures an excellent digestibility of fats and availability of energy as it acts as a natural emulsifier. It also improves the digestibility of other nutrients in the feed and pr
HIDRALIP is an electrolytic  tonic complementary feed to be supplied in the drinking water. It allows to compensate the water and electrolytes losses in periods of stress. It is especially useful
MasterCa is a complementary feed specifically formulated to cover the specific needs of the sow during the peripartum and lactation period. It is a combination of highly bioavailable calcium, together
METHPLUS® It is a combination of plants and algae extracts mainly of European origin with high content of sulfur and with biological activities analogue to the Methionine. METHPLUS® in the die
OSSIFORTE is a balanced supplement to ensure harmonious growth and perfect bone development, also improving shell quality in layers and providing optimal absorption of each ingredient. USE: Eggshe
Liptofry is a nutraceutical and phytobiotic very effective as natural growth promoter for fish and shrimp at early stages (postlarvae and fingerlings). It improves nutrient digestibility thanks to dir
Liptocitro MMM is a specific nutraceutical and phytobiotic for external parasites (gill and skin) such as Trematoda, Monogenea and Protozoa that optimizes response and control of Sparicotyle chrysophr
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