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Carlos López Tomé
Carlos López Tomé
Madrid, Madrid, Spain

HIDRALIP - Dietetic Energetic Rehydratant for use in animals


HIDRALIP is an electrolytic  tonic complementary feed to be supplied in the drinking water. It allows to compensate the water and electrolytes losses in periods of stress. It is especially useful in diarrea cases, avoiding acidiosis process after diarrhoea cases and stress at transportation, obtaining an energetic and hydratant reestablishment, obtaining a repopulation of the intestinal flora.

HIDRALIP is a high energy feed supplement designed to satisfy the metabolic demans during dehydratation and anorexia process in all target species.


  • Reduction of transportation mortality.
  • Improves the quality of the carcass after transportation consequences.
  • Improves the homogeneity of batches.
  • Diarrhoeas symptoms treatment.
  • Improves the stress resistance.
  • Reduction of heat stress symptoms.
  • Avoids the mortality due to hypovolemic shock