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Carlos López Tomé
Carlos López Tomé
Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Binder Ultra - Binder for animal feed

Binder Ultra


Binders are additives that are used in food production to improve both the quality and presentation of feed. Their main function is to bind and cohere the particles of the ingredients in the ration, making the pellets or granules firmer and more resistant during transport, storage, and consumption. The addition of binders to the manufacturing process results in a more homogeneous and durable feed, making it easier for animals to handle and consume. Moreover, these products contribute to the production process optimization, resulting in better production efficiency, energy savings, and an environmental benefit.


• Better feed efficiency: Less feed waste: dust losses during transportation and feeding are considerably less than with meal. Less sorting of feed ingredients: the mix remains homogeneous and avoids selective feeding behaviour.

• Feed hygiene improvement: The addition of heat due to steam and pressure reduces the microbiological load, particularly for the non-spore forming bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter.

• Nutritional improvement: The conditioning of the formulation mix can improve the palatability and digestibility of the feed, resulting in improved performance.

• Include in complete feed at 2 – 6 kg /Mt

Composition: Minerals, vegetable meals, clays.

Storage recommendations: Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight, heat sources and humidity. The packaging should not be stored in contact with floor or walls. Keep the containers closed over pallets. Follow security data sheet instructions.

Packing: 25kg
Binder Ultra
Binder Ultra