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Product Details: Developed over 3 years utilizing GRAS listed ingredients. Hydro-HealthTM will react with hydrochloric acid in the stomach allowing for more efficient breakdown of proteins in feeds increasing water consumption for a more balanced digestive system. Hydro- HealthTM includes ITI Technologies’ patented molecular technology, which allows minerals to stay suspended for a longer period of time. • Hydro-HealthTM can be used as a stand-alone product to balance pH in water. • Hydro-HealthTM enhances bioavailability of Copper or Silver Sulfate, Vitamins A-BK- C, Vaccines and Antibiotics, and commonly used amino acid supplements. The consumer saves money because they use less and the amount they use is more effective. Product Benefits: • Decreased mortality rates. • Balances the gut of the bird. • Ability to maintain water pH for longer period of time. • Allows birds to fight off communicable disease more effectively. • Versatile- Use all the time or use when an issue is present. Example: Enteritis, Kinky back Physical Properties: Appearance: clear to amber color Odor: sweet, light pungent pH: <1 Solubility (ies): Completely Soluble Usage instructions and Dosage Recommendations: Depending on the quality of water, most consumers will use 1-5 oz of Hydro-HealthTM per gallon of water mixed in a medicator bucket with or without other products. Always mix Hydro-HealthTM in first to treat the water before applying other products.

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