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Vitamin Market: Vitamin A, D-Caphan and more...

Published: June 28, 2021
By: Ronnick Fong, Executive Director en Hangzhou De Mark Industrial, Issue No.: 2021006. Date: June 28, 2021
Vitamin Market - Image 1
Vitamin A
Affected by the excessive decline in the profits of live pigs and poultry farming, the market is mainly replenishing goods in a moderate amount for the time being. The current VA market is quoting USD43.50-46.50/kg, and the price is relatively stable.
However, the temporary shortage of supply due to the suspension of production overhaul and the delay of the production plan on the supply side, the market price will move firmly out of the bottom. There will be more opportunities for speculation.
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D-calcium pantothenate (D-Caphan)
The current market demand is weak, and the price is around USD10.60/KG. In April, DSM announced a 40% increase in its Rovimix calcium pantothenate product price, and some manufacturers have stopped quotation.
However, the market price was not going up as expected, and it is still crawling at the bottom. It is not unwise to build a moderate inventory.
In 2021, all manufacturing industries in China have been restoring. Starting in late June, chemical and pharmaceutical API manufacturers have entered a period of heat maintenance. Coupled with the inspection and control of hazards sources implemented by the Ministry of Emergency Management (MoEM), the supply has been restrained to a certain extent. Live pig stocks in China are gradually increasing, and the price of pork continues to fall. The demand for pig breeding related veterinary drugs will increase steadily.
According to the monitoring data from China Veterinary Drug and Feed Trading Center, the price index of veterinary APIs continues to fall.
The decline has narrowed, even with no exception of Doxycycline, which has once been overbearing.
Vitamin Market - Image 3
The market price of florfenicol was stable and relatively strong (USD81.50/kg), bargaining transactions are everywhere, and manufacturers still do not offer a quotation. Price rebound is related to production disruptions caused by shortages of raw materials and inspections of hazardous sources in the chemical industry. We predict mid-July to mid-September likely be a peak season for production and supply.
Vitamin Market - Image 4
Tylosin / Tilmicosin
The price of Tylosin tartrate continues to fall (USD38/KG), but it was still higher than the same period last year. Some analysts believe that the price decline started in March because traders were hoarding many goods before the Spring Festival and now cutting prices to ease the pressure on inventories. But manufacturers are keen to raise prices because of rising costs.
The price of Tilmicosin is stabilizing at a high level at USD53.50/kg.
Colistin sulfate
Due to the rising price of raw materials, the price of Colistin sulfate has been rising by approx. 3%, accounting for 17.8% and 8.20% higher than the same period in 2018 and 2019, respectively.
According to reports from the integrated container transportation platform SEAEXPLORER, the German container rental trading platform CONTAINERXCHANGE, and the Shanghai Container Transport Information Network, problems such as tight shipping capacity, shortage of empty containers, and rising freight rates have become global problems. As far as the current situation of the entire logistics industry is concerned, such issues will continue to restrict the shipping market, and this situation may continue until the fourth quarter of this year or even further.
Vitamin Market - Image 5
TYLVADIS:Antibiotic TYLVADIS (50mg, 250mg/g Tylvalosin Tartrate) for prevention of respiratory diseases.
African Swine Fever (ASF) has caused huge losses to farming industries around the world,The biosecurity of pig farms has become a growing concern. PECHOOTM is a super-wide spectrum disinfection product that is effective against bacteria, mycoplasma, fungi and moulds.
(Curative antioxidant nutrients for animal)
CURCUMIN has a variety of pharmacological properties, such as antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic activities which are approved by many organizations and researchers.
Growth promoter
Improve meat quality
Improve egg quality
Low-cholesterol egg
Improve meat quality
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Ronnick FONG
Hangzhou DE Mark Industrial Co Ltd
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