Common mistakes using enzymes in poultry nutrition

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Dave Albin Dave Albin
VP, Nutrition & Extrusion Technologies
March 29, 2022
Good comments. It's true that enzymes have to formulated properly and have a matrix to work on. If you are using better ingredients, enzymes may not be necessary anymore. Make sure you know why each ingredient is in your formulation.
Nasser H Odetallah Nasser H Odetallah
Vice President of Sales
BioResource International, Inc. BioResource International, Inc.
Durham, North Carolina, United States
March 29, 2022
Unfortunately, most people claim they are nutritionists and don't pay attention to basic nutrition concepts such as precision nutrition and optimal growth curve, also known as the magic mountain; Enzymes will work regardless of the formula. A well-trusted source of enzyme is all that is needed. However, if the diet is formulated to optimum or over formulated, and the formulator decides to give the enzyme a wrong (not as recommended) matrix to the enzyme and reduce much less nutrients from the formulation than they should, and once the enzyme is added, the enzyme will do its work regardless of what matrix the formulator gave it. The enzyme simply doesn't operate as we wish, it does what it is supposed to do, and will release the nutrients that it can release (whether it is energy, AA, pho...etc.). So, all of a sudden, the diet becomes way over formulated, forcing the animal to eat less from this diet, and this will result in a worse FCR! That wasn't the enzyme, it was the mistake of the so-called Nutritionist!
April 2, 2022
Thanks for your scientific topics. As you know, in addition to the exogenous enzyme, which is based on the matrix of that enzyme, it is used in diet writing. It is necessary to pay attention to the amount of endogenous enzyme in the food itself. In fact the exogenous enzyme help is the endogenous enzyme. Unfortunately, this technical point is not taken into account in food tables and ration writing and food preparation.
April 5, 2022
Akbar Yaghobfar,

Could you elaborate a little on your point " In fact the exogenous enzyme help is the endogenous enzyme"

April 13, 2022
Akbar Yaghobfarf feed enzymes are exogenous and they work with/ on proper substrate eg xylanase works with xylans ( substrate) included in feed components Cutting xylans they open the „ door” for endogenous enzymes ( eg amylase or protease) Birds don’t have enough (eg Phytase) or not producing such enzymes at all. So, exogenous and endogenous enzymes cooperate in digestive process. Without exogenous additives own burd’ s enzymes are not Effective as they could
May 26, 2022
Dear Piotr, thanks for very interesting and very important discussion. It is very heavy to discuss it in short. A lot of questions! For what reason we apply feed enzymes? Is it reasonable? Is it profitable? Matrix values: maximum rates to obtain maximum sales? Search for alternative sources of energy and protein? Also important: what application method to apply: over the top or down specification?
You have a lot of experience in Danisco/DuPont, and your opinion and friendly advices are very important for me.
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Utsav Prakash Tiwari
Utsav Prakash Tiwari
Ph.D. in Nutrition
  Chino, California, United States
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