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Dr. Piotr Stanislawski shares his experience with Engormix members regarding the use of enzymes in poultry diets and gives his advice on how to do it properly.
Participation in Forum on August 25, 2022
Dr. Fiodor S. Marchenkov dear dr Fiodor , unfortunately most of the companies depend on commercial field trial ( only one trial ) to evaluate their products which is very fare from honest , fair or even scientific evaluation for their products benefits , you can see that cases mainly in enzymes blending companies more than enzymes producing companies
Participation in Forum on August 23, 2022
after working in enzyme business for more than 20 years , we are very sure that the success of the enzyme depends mainly on how much you trust in your enzyme producer professionalism and how many true information he gives to you,, by which you can give your customer true matrix values for your enzyme, in the same time he can found the claimed benefits from your enzyme product , unfortunately mo ...
Participation in Forum on March 25, 2020
This is a very nice and attractive article but i think it will take a long time to reach to the point that we can know the total microbiota composition and the specific function of each one or group, also to know the end product of each, the synergy or antagonist action between each other. So I think we have to depend on the advanced meta-genomic sequence assembly methods, which can allow us to mo ...
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Hi Prof Jarez, I think the authors can try to refit the graph (equation) by changing the x-axis to "Intake of supplemented Met" (rather than "% of supplemented Met). RBV can be based on actual intake of testing nutrients. I wish you are well! -Best, Sung Woo
Participation in Forum on January 30, 2019
These are very important and alarming results, that not all types of enzymes can improve the feed conversion or body gain in all periods of broiler life, and not all of them can give the same effects in different types of raw materials so we have to be very careful in formulating or reformulating the diets, which have multienzyme products, and we have to applicate the matrix value of each enzyme i ...
Participation in Forum on June 26, 2018
Very nice lecture, hope we can have these slides in English.
Participation in Forum on April 10, 2018
Dear Mike, Thank you so much for your idea but can you please tell me what do you mean by lower doses in small ages and higher doses at old ages (what is lower and higher in figures?). Regards.
Participation in Forum on September 13, 2017
I just know that there is a French company has a product of natural predators which can eat the red mite inside the farms. I can not tell you more respecting the non-commercial comment on this site.Asaad Sabbagh.Egypt
Participation in Forum on January 25, 2017
Very strong message for a very benifecial product thanks julie
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