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by Sam Shafer As producers reduce antibiotic use, scientists examine new strategies to improve bird growth and health       Poultry scientists are investigating new ways to keep birds healthy and shift the poultry industry away from widespread use of antibiotics. Researchers are especially keen to improve antimicrobial strategies for organically raised chickens, which are not giv ...
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Dear Professor Juarez Donzele,thank you for your message. As I mentioned, in the European Union is glycine for the feed industry not authorized and, in the practice when CP is lowered, are only the EAA supplemented. Therefore, we designed our trial without a glycine group. But it is correct, in a future trial, having a glycine group, we would be able to underline our results.Thank you and kind reg ...
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IntroductionPrecision Animal Nutrition is the effective use of available feed resources in order to maximize the response of animals to nutrients. It is an ideal method to improve the productivity of animals in developing countries in view of inadequate feed resources. The term Precision Animal Nutrition is defined as providing the animal with feed that precisely meets its nutritional requirements ...
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Just a question: I want to know what is the ideal steam entrance and how many par is perfect.
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