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Zahed Abbasi Hello and thanks for your content. In connection with the article provided by you, I present the summary of the results of a test conducted by us. Abstract The present experiment was designed to investigate the effects of different levels of commercial enzyme supplemented with diets containing different levels of hull-less barley on performance and egg quality in laying hens. For this ...
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I would like to talk about the practical use and effectiveness of enzymes in bird performance in a clear manner outside the enzyme business, according to scientific and practical experiences. to reach a common scientific and practical point recommended for bird breeders. For example, according to the effectiveness of commercial enzymes, with respect to the quality and concentration of nutrients, m ...
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Thanks for your scientific topics. As you know, in addition to the exogenous enzyme, which is based on the matrix of that enzyme, it is used in diet writing. It is necessary to pay attention to the amount of endogenous enzyme in the food itself. In fact the exogenous enzyme help is the endogenous enzyme. Unfortunately, this technical point is not taken into account in food tables and ration writin ...
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The offer is great and we will use their knowledge, thank you
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Can you share the pdf file please!
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The efficiency of AMEn and TMEn utilization for NE in broiler dietsA YaghobfarAnimal Science Research Institute, I.R of Iran - Karaj, P. Box: 31585-1483, Email: yaghobfar@yahoo.com Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science. ISSN 1516-635X Jan - Mar 2016 / v.18 / n.1 / 047-056Abstract: The experiment was conducted to evaluate the feed intake, body weight ga ...
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Hello and thank you for reading the article, you are right. We, poultry nutritionists, need to provide practical and desirable methods in these crises.
Article published the September 20, 2021
IntroductionWheat and barley as alternative cereals can be successfully replaced with corn in poultry diets. These grains could locally grow in many areas of the world and have lower water requirements than corn (Ravindran et al. 1999; Lin et al. 2010). The major components of wheat and barleyare starch and proteins, though they have considerable content of non-starch polysaccharides (NSP), derive ...
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Article published the August 23, 2021
IntroductionIn late years, genetic studies on broiler chickens for selection of traits such as high growth rate and larger size of the body shows there is a negative correlation between reproductive traits and increasing yield. So that's in the roosters, physiological disorders like decreased libido, decreased mating numbers and reduced sperm production have increased (Dawkins and Layton, 2012 ...
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Thanks for your article, please send the original article by my email.
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