Article published the June 4, 2021
INTRODUCTION It is important to estimate precisely the energy value of feedstuffs and diets, either for least-cost formulation or for adapting feed supply to the metabolizable energy requirements of broilers. Unfortunately, such energy is not used with 100% of efficiency for production, because during metabolism, around 15% of the energy is wasted as heat, and this is commonly referred to as heat ...
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Article published the April 20, 2021
The apparent metabolisable energy values for feedstuffs are not always constant, and may vary even when feedstuffs is fed to birds of the same type. Digestibility and utilisation of the nutrients in feed ingredients may also be dependent on the strain, age and sex of birds. These differences may be attributable to variations in the endogenous energy losses relative to the excreta energy of feed or ...
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The results of our experiment on broilers breeder Rooster flock showed. Using 1600 mg can reduce and delay the occurrence of signs of ageing of the roosters, which improves fertility in broiler breeder flock.
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Abstract The present experiment was designed to investigate the effects of different levels of commercial enzyme supplemented with diets containing different levels of hull-less barley on performance and egg quality in laying hens. For this purpose, 216 Hy line W36 laying hens were used based on a completely randomized design in 6 experimental treatments with 6 replicates( 6 laying hen per replica ...
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Sandro Cerrate Thanks for your content, please specify what flock and breed you are talking. Because nutrient requirements and breeding management of broiler and laying flocks are different.
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Zahed Abbasi Thanks for the content you need to respond to the content as follows: "As you know formulation the feed for Rooster only with corn + soybean meal and wheat bran is wrong because of high soluble fiber in it, hence using canola or sunflower meal will facility to formulate the Rooster diet and good fertility in them." Let me inform you that the insoluble fiber amount in the diet is mo ...
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Improving protein digestibility in poultry, according to scientific experiments, has been shown to determine the digestibility of proteins and amino acids in grains such as soybeans. And it can't be used for all birds. Because the age of a young or adult bird varies depending on the ability to digest protein. Especially in the adult bird, it is very difficult to determine the digestibility of the ...
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