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I. INTRODUCTIONMaintenance of intestinal integrity is of fundamental importance to the overall health and growth performance of the bird. Disturbances in the homeostasis of the gastrointestinal tract can result in inflammatory process, loss of intestinal integrity, low nutrient digestibility and poor growth performance. In a situation of intestinal inflammation, pro-inflammatory interleukins such ...
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Hi, My advice is to vaccinate with different types of live vaccine strains during the pullet period and to grow them with inactivated vaccines such as IB Multi before laying. There are also cross-protection studies against the QX variant of various combinations of vaccine strains. Kind regards.
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Using I.B. multi strain vaccine (killed) seem to be a better option.I.B variants are mutating fast and may be spreading through live vaccines?
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Haroon Mushtaq Normally, if phyt+NSPase are included, 0.8+0.8=1.6 regarding energy and AAs should be applied.
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Dear Sir, We are feed mill producer so we do not have information about receipts Regards
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Talaat Mostafa El-Sheikh, the manufacturers of the enzyme products, conduct trials to estimate the amount of nutrients the specific enzyme releases, such as energy, phosphorus, amino acids, etc. The matrix values express the difference between Control and the Control + enzyme. It is important to ask the distributor/manufacturer of the given enzyme product how many trials they used to derive the ...
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I. INTRODUCTIONCrude protein-reduced broiler diets have the potential to provide tangible advantages in respect of economics, bird welfare, flock health and the environment. Moderate reductions in dietary crude protein (CP) levels can be achieved without compromising broiler performance when coupled with judicious synthetic amino acid inclusions. However, there appears to be a threshold where furt ...
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Taha Taibeh That depends on what type of protease you are using and how efficiently it can degrade the TI in Soyabean meal even when TI are present in higher amount. A good quality protease enzyme improves the amino acid digestibility and at the same time reduce the pancreas weight also indicating a potential amelioration of the negative effect of TI. The dose recommendation is very much product ...
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There is increasing pressure for the use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) in poultry diets to be discontinued or reduced. In this context, the search for natural additives such as organic acids (OA) and essential oils (EO) has increased. Previous studies have reported beneficial effects on gut health of supplementing poultry diets with these natural feed additives. As in many countries the us ...
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Elizabeth Santin, a Professor at the Federal University of Paraná, describes ways to contro immunity and improve gut health in all species in an event held by the Brazilian company Yes.
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