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If we don't use a "digestible calcium" value for the ingredients I think Rami is right saying that we should put a 0% value for calcium in the phytase matrix because the enzyme does not provide calcium by itself.
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In the leaflet of Creamino the AME is 83000-166000 Kcal/kg, why the range is so big, and how i can decide when to choose 83000, and when to choose 166000. or shall I use the average 124500???
Discussion created on November 3, 2022
Good Evening I have a question regarding using the phytase matrix value in the least cost formulation software. Should I enter the Calcium value, or should I leave it Zero? Dealing with the calcium figure is not like the others, because we don't have Total calcium, and available calcium in the formulation, we have only calcium which will assume that it is 100% available. for the energy, we have To ...
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The 3rd limiting amino acids and temperature effects to the low-protein diet may be investigated further in a series of experiments if funds are available, theories can be validated in the field with a good experiment set up and clear hypothesis.
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RAMI SEBAI, although not a member of the team of researchers at work, decided to state my point of view about his questioning due to my considerations about the study in question. In fact, when I associated the lack of difference in bird performance between treatments, due to the possible deficiency of a third limiter, in this case tryptophan, it was a mere example. This should take place in an en ...
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Dear Sir I don't know why you neglected Threonine in this experiment, as the Threonine is the third limiting AA in the broiler diets. As the control diet has a deficiency in the Threonine Level, I don't think that the results can be followed as a commercial action.
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Hello Rami. You do need to take account of the Ca release from the phytase. You have 2 options. The first is to duplicate your Ca values on all raw materials and re-name this Ca analytical - no value on phytase. You use this for QC. Call the duplicate Ca biological and in this case, include the Ca release value on the phytase. Ca biological you use so set the animal requirements; Ca analytical has ...
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Daulat Rehman Khan I would like to have more information
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Dear all, For the feed mill nutritionists, who want to know exactly the practical application of L-Methionine in their formulation and want to discuss the benefits of using L-Methionine in practice please contact me directly. Kind regards,
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Dr Valeriy Kryukov Thanks in advance
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