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hello please send me catalog your product and Toxi-Free PLUS compartments and its price. thanks
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HelloIt is better you try to introduce new technology for feed mixing and new food additives for improvement FCR.
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Michaela Braun (Kansas State University) presented her results on this research regarding the use of added enzymes in broilers, during IPPE 2020 in Atlanta, USA.
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Sandro Cerrate (Poultry Nutritionist Consultant-Credinser) discussed diet formulation and feed conversion, during IPPE 2020 in Atlanta, USA.
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Dr. S.V. Sawant, from Venky's India Limited, speaks about the program of mycotoxins and technologies developed in the facilities of SAMITEC, PEGASUS, LAMIC, and the University of Santa Maria in Brazil.
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Bacteriocins from profitable bacteria (bacillus and ...), plant extracts, organic plants are control pathogen factors in the animal gut and promote its growth.Using of antibiotics must limit by FDA & WHO in animal feeds.
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The best way for prevention of Aflatoxins from fungi is controlling of humidity and oxygen in animal feed by O3 and organic Acids. The other ways are secondary success mv-tokasi
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Mycotoxin molecules are destroyed in high temperature. We need food additives for fungi grows controlling in animal & poultry feed. Food additives usually are used from inorganic substrates example bentonitte, Na Cl and etc. The first step is prevention of fungi growing with moisture decreasing.
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