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The challenges I am getting, which may be similar to the above complaints, is that immunity is short lived and sometimes not there at all because many attacks have come in after several vaccinations have been done, and to make it worse these bacterial molecules become resistant to antibiotics very fast.
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The I feel the left out is the timing. In some case, vaccination are done in a short interval before the immunity subsides another antigen is put in. This neutralizes the antibody developed and will leave the birds unprotected. Here in Uganda, it is common where farmers vaccinate against Gumburo in the first week of the life of the chicks. In that period there is still maternal immunity and i ...
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Thanks for this has come up, I have used the frozen strain and eye drop at the age of 6 weeks with a repeat at 9 weeks. However, mycoplasmosis has often times attached me. It's true it's not easy to control on a farm with multiples eggs of laying birds and that is what I have. The birds that I have not vaccinated also safer in the same way like those vaccinated however when I treat with tylosin 20 ...
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I entirely agree with the discussion above. I in Uganda where am a practitioner and a farmer I have encountered this and what saved me mainly was taking biosecurity as number one control measure. Right now I get very few episodes of the disease on my layer farm of 25,000 layers.I have just introduced the live vaccine of Mycoplasma, in an effort to control the infection properly. This has worked fo ...
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The other way of insuring that you control disease transmission is by making the space between one batch and the other is not less than 20 meters. This can help you to contain any infection in one place if it comes.or dip litter system you may need to do regular disinfection with a mild disinfectant even if the birds are in the house, this helps to reduces on the microbial challenges to the bird.
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Please help me to understand how exactly these tannic extract could work, to improve on the intestinal performance. Do they do that by improving on the on intestinal lining or by anti bacterial effect.
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