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musa abubakar
B. Agriculture (Hons Animal Science)
Graduate Animal scientist
B. Agriculture (Hons Animal Science)
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Dear FredericI will try to answer your questions.Firstly, the objective of using organic acids in water is to lower the pH of the water itself, as most pathogenic bacteria do not grow in environments with pH <4.0.Ammonia is used in these products precisely to buffer the pH of the water around 4.0, because if the pH drops too much, the birds can decrease the consumption of water and feed.Organic ...
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Azimul Haque I have experienced that. Noticed this sign at 1-7 days old. I used eroflaxacin 20% administered in bringing water for 5days and the problem vanished. I think is highly related to an infectious disease.
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Sushil Chandra thank you sir! Do you use direct steam or indirect during conditioning? What is the standard temperature required that won't affect lysine and methionine? Kind regards,
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Dear Sir, From the result of your studies, what is your recommendation on the length and thickness of the pelleted feed for optimal performance taken into consideration the size of the gullet of the broiler chicken at growing stage? Does your studies limited to only broilers at the finishing age? Thank you sir.
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May 16, 2015
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