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Article published the March 5, 2020
Global demand for animal proteins is foreseen to increase by 22% (Figure 1). Thus, one of the main challenges for 2050, in addition to meeting the high expectations in terms of food production, is facing the various issues which threaten food quality and safety, as well as land management and sustainable beef production. This will directly influence how we will raise and feed our animals to meet c ...
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For many years dietary protein binding has been considered the main property of tannins within animal nutrition, but more recent speculations have highlighted many other mechanisms of action for tannins.Antispasmodic effect on gastrointestinal passage, reduction of rumen starch degradation, local immune response modulation and antioxidant effect are some known examples, but perhaps the most import ...
Participation in Forum on June 13, 2016
Dear Friends, I ve reading several comments over tannins and its effects. And was well described by Dr. Lancini. Just want to point some inputs. What we learn on antintrutional effects, its true, but it depends on how it is associated in the plant, witch plant we are referring and also the dose. Tannins, I see as an entity , divided and chemically classified. The major groups are condensed, and ...
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Good Afternoon. Sorry for the delay on answering the comments, but I will try to do it all in here. In Us we just got the FDA clearence past month, an you may contact Silvateam USA 3200 E Guasti Rd #100 Ontario, CA 91761 United States of America Tel. 1 909 6352870 Fax 1 909 6352871 We also have some research on dairy cattle, with improvement on protein contend, with reduction of milk urea nitroge ...
Article published the May 9, 2016
The specialists in ruminant nutrition claim that tannins can provide up to 20% more protein availability to animals with the same diet. Silvafeed® was introduced at the 11th Encontro de Confinamento Coan, a feedlot meeting that took place from March 8th thru the 9th 2016 in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil. Professor Dr. Rubén Barajas Cruz from the University of Sinaloa, Mexico, ...
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News published on April 11, 2016
Thanks to the experience learned in Europe and abroad, Silvateam has harnessed that knowledge and has focused on developing the Brazilian market by launching local novel concepts and products to improve production parameters and quality of final products. The company’s products Silvafeed® are currently active in South American countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay. ...
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May 9, 2016
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