Sushil Chandra
Master in Poultry Nutrition 1975
I am feed Mill management person with over 40 yrs of experience with Feed Industry.Have headed many feed companies In India .Since 2007 have my own consulting company M/S Chandraassociates on Ato Z of
Master in Poultry Nutrition 1975
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Do we have any experimental data on broilers and layers to substantially proof our claim with regards to performance, FCR and mortality?
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In India, commercial broilers are being marketed at over 2 kg body wt on 36 to 37 days.Good effort has been done by the author.Accordingly, I feel there is no need to conduct experiments between 43 days to 49 days.These are my personal views.RegardsDr s Chandra.
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Complete data is required to do proper justification Pl provide complete data Feed formulation House temp of 3 houses of 3 floors Space provided per bird Wkly feed intake Wkly body et Mortality % Etc etc Regards Dr Chandra
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Good presentation Mr Khosla Congrats Dr S Chandra
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ZHENG CHANG has been doing good jobGetting into TMR feed plant is an advancement by this company All the best to entire teamRegards Dr S ChandraCEO/ consultant Feed milling
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Our client Company Exotic Biosolutions Mumbai has equally good product Biomark WS - water soluble probiotic used @ 1g/ litre of drinking water for chicks for 15 daysPerforms wonderfully,Regards Dr Chandra
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In India now broiler breeders, layer breeders and commercial layers are being kept in cages hence coccidiosis in such birds have reduced to a greater extent.In case of commercial broilers this coccidiosis problem still exists where ever litter management is poor and ventilation is bad.Early observation in the flock for coccidiosis. If observed and medication with vitA is given. One can control thi ...
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V going article Pl do add pelleting temp and size of pellet die to produce wood quality pellets Regards Dr. Chandra
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Good observation.Dr. Chandra
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DDGS is being used to supplement prot part of feed of broilers and layers I do agree that pelleting DDGS will take care of contamination and will improve BV of the this RM It would my view that if DDGS is pelleted and then crumbled and then used as prot supplement the entire feed will perform better as against use non pelleted DDGS Regards Dr S Chandra
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