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Participation in Forum on July 28, 2023
Mr. Singh precisely explained the opportunities for Indian poultry industry. Considering the development of regional food recipes, logistics infrastructure, increase the production of maize and Soybean meal, identification of newer feed resources, optimum utilization of feed, Food safety, Marketing, customized solution to cater rural and semi urban sectors, Processing, exports and value addition p ...
Participation in Forum on July 28, 2023
Dr. Ivey,Thanks for your clarification. Now it is easy for us to correlate.
Participation in Forum on July 26, 2023
Thanks for the good information Dr. Ivey!I have one confusion: In the slide - example of mathematics on ingredients - Why you have considered 2% increased value (3319) of 1% increase (3254) instead of initial value (3222) for energy (Kcal/kg) calculation of wheat? Same calculation was done for energy of Soybean meal as well. Is there any specific reason for that?
Participation in Forum on March 24, 2023
Jubilant UcheYes, You can use Phytase and protease enzymes at same time.
Participation in Forum on December 24, 2022
It was overwhelming response for all four days in poultry India 2022. Glad to meet industrialist and stakeholders, sharing knowledge and expertise on technology, food safety, efficient production and progress in poultry industry. Thank you all of you for visiting ABTL booth and making the event memorable.
Participation in Forum on December 14, 2022
Brooding management is very crucial during cold weathers for optimum chicken production.
Participation in Forum on November 7, 2022
Real challenges faced by Indian poultry Industry are well described by Dr. Girish Kolwankar. Conventional feed ingredients crises and increasing cost of production ultimately shrinking the profit of farmers. More Work should emphasize on use of alternative feed ingredients without compromising the performance.
Participation in Forum on August 23, 2022
Nowadays feed ingredients prices are constantly increasing, also protein and energy in feed/food have become expensive nutrients. Major challenge for nutritionist is to formulate highly performing feed with low price. People are also more concern impact of animal agriculture on environmental pollution. Using of exogenous enzymes in feed has been ongoing. Phytase enzyme is well known to maximum pou ...
Participation in Forum on July 5, 2022
Newly hatched chicks are deficit in natural microflora that would otherwise have been passed from the adult hen. In poultry production, good intestinal health is crucial for general health and welfare of the birds. Intestinal health encompasses various components of gastrointestinal function, including optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients, a diverse and stable microbiota, an effective int ...
Participation in Forum on May 12, 2022
Probiotics and prebiotics are gaining importance in poultry and swine industry for production of antibiotic free meat and eggs.
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