Article published the February 10, 2020
Introduction Body weight gains of broiler chickens have been improved substantially during the last decades. Consequently, modern broiler chicks are able to increase their weight approximately 50 fold within 40 days of hatching (Noy & Sklan, 1998; Sklan, 2003). It has been shown that relying solely on residual yolk as a nutrient source in the first 24 - 72 h would appear to waste valuable res ...
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Very good topic, but before accepting this idea generally we have to adopt the idea of synthetic amino acid fortification of diet to compensate for limiting amino acids. though in poultry we have adopted all plant-based diet and it seems very well, but still we need more research to determine why fishmeal based diets perform better than fish meal free diet. Is this related to higher amino acid dig ...
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Hello there. Based on my personal experience with phytase, beside considering phytase nPP equivalency (the value depend upon phytase origin and level), one should be very careful in considering phytase matrix value (for other nutrients such as amino acid, Ca, etc.) in practical diet formulation.
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Park W. Waldroup Unfortunately some poultry operations using in-feed antibiotics without considering consumer sensitivity and health (antibiotic residue in carcass, etc). Though I am not personally with total ban on in-feed antibiotics, but it seems that in most countries around the globe, consumers would prefer to use antibiotic-free poultry meat and egg product in very near future. So it would b ...
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A few years ago I have done a study on the effect of high level of Acrorn oak meal in broiler chicks after 21 days of age, but at very high level (15 and 30 % of the basal diet) along with few simple processing techniques. In all treatments, inclusion of Acorn meal significantly reduced performance... We still did not publish the results.
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