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Asharf Shalaby
Bachelor vet medicine
work as assistant tech advisor for processing plant lab , work as field doctor and now tech advice for feed , diagnostic and processing plant labs.
Bachelor vet medicine
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Thank you so much Edgar Orlando Oviedo-Rondón and Hernan Alejandro Córdova-Noboa for this comprehensive article, which clearly shows the mode of action of guanidinoacetic acid in mitigating wooden breast incidence and severity. Interestingly, it was found that the percentage reduction of breast muscle creatine was 17% in wooden breast affected muscle and 4% in white stripping compared to normal ...
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Talaat Mostafa El-Sheikh, the manufacturers of the enzyme products, conduct trials to estimate the amount of nutrients the specific enzyme releases, such as energy, phosphorus, amino acids, etc. The matrix values express the difference between Control and the Control + enzyme. It is important to ask the distributor/manufacturer of the given enzyme product how many trials they used to derive the ...
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Interesting discussion. As Dr. Hansen has explained, enzymes increase the ability of an animal to utilise certain nutrients (energy, phosphorous, amino acid). They do this by helping break down compounds that prevent utilisation; in the case of phytase, this is the phytate complex, in the case of NSP enzmyes, the various non-starch polysaccharides that can prevent adequate digestion of feed compon ...
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Dr. Abdolreza Kamyab, Dear Sir, I agree with your point. The first response to removing AGPs should always be to try and reduce "crude protein" as much as costs allow. Use of pure amino acids will always improve the possibility to do this and also the cost situation. In doing so we reduce nutrient supply for potential harmful overgrowth of the likes of C. perfringens etc. However, this article als ...
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Dr. Markus Wiltafsky-Martin, Responsible for Service Commercialization at Evonik Animal Nutrition, underscores why AMINODat® 6.0, is the most comprehensive animal nutrition database in the world that comprises nutritional data of more than 18,000 feed ingredient samples from all over the world and over 900,000 analytical results.
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Dear Dr. Cerrate. Very interesting article, thank you. I think the section on egg size and amino acid balance needs discussion. I agree that the ONLY way to achieve better results is to ensure the supply of balanced Standardised Digestible amino acids is correct. I disagree that lysine is the main driver of egg size; this is actually methionine + cysteine, the sulphur-containing amino acids (SAA). ...
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In the summary you said (The inclusion of whole corn did not influence BW, feed consumption, FCR, and organs weights) so the benefit is where other than reduce or no proventriculitis.Also can we have some picture of these 4mm pellet with 9% whole corn high durability?Also Is there an application on big no trial Like complete flock to see the conclusion of these trials in the field?Thanks.
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Dears what is the the exact extract, amount as dose per ton,is it available commercially ,as many company now introduce different photogenic substance or extract competing AGP?
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For a few years, we have been receiving advice from international health organizations about the use of antibiotics in the animal production industry. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that a lack of effective antibiotics was as serious a threat to security as a deadly disease outbreak. We should focus our attention on a set of measures which promote safe animal growth and mainly act in t ...
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The experiment aimed to determine the most effective decontaminant
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