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#Enzymes in poultry nutrition
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Mike Stahl the layer information we have collected is from field trials and not controlled studies. We have observed improved rates of lay in older (>60 weeks) flocks. The CREAmino treatments were only included in layer rations and not in the pullet developer rations. Especially with flocks remaining in production much longer these days, this sort of response could be a real benefit.
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The objective of this study was to evaluate if the supplementation of guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) either on top or included with an energy matrix in broiler feed, improves or equalizes the productive and economic parameters in broilers, respectively. The study was carried out in an experimental farm located in the department of Santander-Colombia and lasted 34 days. A total of 1088 Ross 308 AP day- ...
Article published the February 2, 2022
INTRODUCTIONAs a nonpolar amino acid, Valine (Val) is one of the most hydrophobic amino acids (Brosnan and Brosnan, 2006). Val, leucine, and isoleucine are called branched chain amino acids due to the branched chain structures of their R groups. In animals, Val serves as a precursor for the synthesis of protein and other amino acids (Ferrando et al., 1995). As a glucogenic amino acid, Val is a sub ...
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IntroductionIn late years, genetic studies on broiler chickens for selection of traits such as high growth rate and larger size of the body shows there is a negative correlation between reproductive traits and increasing yield. So that's in the roosters, physiological disorders like decreased libido, decreased mating numbers and reduced sperm production have increased (Dawkins and Layton, 2012 ...
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I congratulate the team of researchers involved in the idealization and implementation of this study, with emphasis on the methodology, especially in the number of birds per experimental unit and in the number of replicates. It is also worth highlighting the fact that the authors used suboptimal levels of lysine in the experimental diets, which makes total sense. Despite the positive aspects highl ...
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As a Nutritionist and having formulated a lot of diets over the years, I appreciate the desire to have a point estimate of the dArg/dLys ratio. I also appreciate your contribution toward that goal. Given the low to extremely low R square values for your regression models, it would seem to me that the "optimal" ratios from your conclusions cannot be very precise. How would you advise formulators ...
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Frederic Paris Yes, Creamino is registered in Canada. If you contact me directly at I can provide contact information for our Canadian distributor.
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